Hello Everybody! My name is Jade Forbes, Im crew here at Adventure Bay Charters (ABC) in Port Lincoln, South Australia. From now on I will be writing a blog each month here on the ABC website about all sorts of awesome things and places to do and see in and surrounding Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula.

Top 10 Things To Do In Port Lincoln During Winter

Port Lincoln is generally known for its natural beauty in the Summer months. But little do people know, Winter is just as fun.

Yes the temperature drops but so do the the tourist numbers. Port Lincoln becomes much quieter and not as busy. This makes it the perfect destination if you’re wanting to get away for a while and relax.

So below, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 things to do during Winter. Enjoy!

1: Shark Cage Diving!

If you’re wondering how going out in the middle of Winter could be fun, just you wait! Adventure Bay Charters encourage people to join them on their vessel, Shark Warrior.Journey across the Southern Ocean and down to the incredible Neptune Islands.

Winter is a time when the growing seal pups that were born in the summer start to venture out further from the safety of the shore and hunt for themselves. This provides a natural food source for the sharks to target and as a result this time of year you will witness more natural predation events. Huge Super Females are seen more reliably in the months of May, June and July.

Guests on board the Shark Warrior from dusk til dawn are treated like royalty with plenty of hot soup and garlic bread, cake, hot lunch and plenty more snacks throughout the day. You’ll never get hungry. They cater for all dietary requirements from gluten free to vegan.

Being the coldest time of the year and diving in some of the coldest waters, excluding Antarctica, they ensure you’ll be warm enough no matter what. All equipment is provided including wetsuits, gloves, boots and hoods. They even have hot showers on board for everyone to warm up whenever you’re out of the water. You can also stay dry in the world’s first Shark “Aqua Sub”. A glass underwater viewing area where you can view the sharks while staying completely dry.

2: Camping On The Beach

Camping - Port Lincoln

The Port Lincoln National Park has many camp sites to suit every level of camper. There are a number of sites that have everything you need like running water, picnic areas and toilets. Others have nothing but a flat patch of dirt to pitch a tent for all of you professional campers.

A Majority of these camp sites are just metres from the beach making them an ideal attraction for everyone. They are a great destination for families and friends getting together for a catch up. There is plenty of space for the children to run around and also peace and quiet for the parents.

It’s also the perfect place if you’re just looking for a relaxing weekend by yourself or with a special someone. The large variety of wildlife living amongst this untouched land is beautiful to both look at and listen to. With the water lapping the sand and birds singing constantly, you’ll be sure to have a relaxing get away.

3: Catch A Movie





Port Lincoln Cinema in Port Lincoln is a cozy little movie theatre in the middle of town always presenting the newest movies with regular screenings throughout the school holidays.


4: Enjoy A Beer At Beer Garden Brewing

Beer Garden Brewing - Port Lincoln

Why not go ahead and enjoy a nice relaxing beverage by the warmth of the fire place at Port Lincoln’s very own brewery, The Beer Garden. With an extensive range of craft beer specials and flavours, The Beer Garden provides a perfectly pleasant setting for a beer with your mates or by yourself, a few drinks with some friends on the weekends or even a quiet afternoon of relaxing while enjoying a pint in a friendly atmosphere.

With their live music events and new stouts being made, The Beer Garden is a must! Who would want to miss out on experiencing the comfort and welcoming feel of a hand made brewery in a small town… seriously! It’s awesome.

5. Coffee & Cocktails At Rogue & Rascal

Rogue & Rascal - Port Lincoln

Rogue & Rascal is a small rustic cafe on Port Lincoln’s main street and a hot spot for all the locals. Whether its for a take-away coffee on the way to work or a dine in meal for Breakfast or Lunch, Rogue & Rascal is one of the newest locally run cafes in Port Lincoln and it’s thriving!

They have a huge range of food and drinks from organic juices and freshly brewed coffees from local roasted coffee beans, to colourful sprinkle milk shakes for the kids. Their food menus are much the same, with breakfasts being served all day and the lunch menu kicking in at 11am, they serve vegetarian options as well as vegan and plenty of everything else and in between.

A personal favourite has to be the Pancakes and Nachos!

6. Watch A Game Of Local Footy

Local Footy - Port Lincoln

Have you experienced how intense and interactive a local game of Aussie Rules Football is?

No? Well why don’t you! The local football league in Port Lincoln is the best developed league on the Eyre Peninsula. With games being played at numerous locations around town every Saturday throughout winter they’re hard to miss.

At Ravendale Sporting Complex there are local games of womens Netball and mens and womens Hockey being played as well.

So if you’re interested to catch a glimpse of a local sport being played in Port Lincoln there is plenty of opportunity and variety!

7. Four Wheel Driving

4WD - Port Lincoln

If you’re travelling around Australia in a Four Wheel Drive and hunting out some great 4×4 tracks Port Lincoln has some great coastal and inland tracks to offer. Through out the Port Lincoln National Park there are plenty of camp sites that require a 4×4 vehicle to get to such as Memory Cove, Engine Point, Spalding Cove, and many more.

There is also a track through our amazing Sand Dunes called Sleaford to Wanna. This track follows the coast line of cliffs and surf beaches great for a day out to do some surf fishing off the beach or just for a picnic dinner or lunch. It’s beautiful, wild and free! Definitely a “Must Do” if you have a 4×4 vehicle.

8. Fish “n” Chips By The Foreshore.

Fresh Fish Place - Port Lincoln

If you’ve just got an afternoon for lunch and relaxing spare, why not try fish and chips from the Fresh Fish Place. This fresh fish market always provides the best of the best and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends of family sitting by the beach enjoying the scenery.

The Fresh Fish Place supports local fisherman and gives back to Port Lincoln by providing them with a popular take away shop. You get to choose your piece of fish and watch them cook it so you really know you’re getting it as fresh as it comes!

9. Koala’s At Mikkira Station

Mikkira Station - Port Lincoln

Mikkira Station is a great get away spot if you want to spend the day out in the scrub by a small camp fire and a BBQ lunch with family and friends. In addition there are multiple sections and camp sites to choose from. So if the first one is taken, go for a look at the others. Whether there’s someone else out at Mikkira at the same time as you it doesn’t matter because each site is isolated to their own area so you always feel like you’re their by yourselves.

While you’re enjoying a pleasant day out, take note of the local wild life around you. Mikkira is well known for its large number or furry friends. The most commonly known critter is the Koala who hangs in the trees above you all day. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they will pay you a visit.

10. Axel Stenross Museum

Axel Stenross - Port Lincoln

Axel Stenross Museum, located on the water right next to the boat ramp, is an amazing insight to what it was like to be out at see and the boats they sailed on back in the 1920’s. This incredible Museum has replicas and models of a varying range of water craft. These were used during the early days of Port Lincoln being settled.

The Museum is definitely hard to miss since it is a huge old timber boat on stilts at the entrance. The small corrugated iron shed is filled with interesting facts and stories. This will keep you occupied for a couple of hours at least. Take a step back almost 100 years. Find out what it was like to be sailing the seas so long ago.

So, there you have it! 10 of my favourite things to do in and around Port Lincoln throughout the winter months. I hope you have found something interesting to do and enjoy when you next visit Port Lincoln.

See you in Winter!




  • Di Dennis

    I would also like to add the Aquaculture/Sightsee Cruise. During winter you are able to see a working commercial Tuna Farm, see the Fur seals & Sealions, taste Sashimi Tuna and learn all about our local fishing industries. Or maybe a fishing trip to try your luck with catching our local winter King George Whiting.

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