Summer shark sightings are typically our most reliable recommendation. There are two prime times we typically recommend, one of those being the Summertime. Why? That is typically and historically, the most reliable time for shark sightings and weather conditions. In Summer, we tend to see the male white sharks passing through. With hot, sunny days, the water clarity tends to be better than other times of the year too. Here, we delve into a Summer full of sun, sand, sea, and sharks in Port Lincoln, South Australia. We’ll tell you what you want and need to know when looking at booking a shark tour during your Summer break.

Summer Shark Sightings

Summer at the Neptune Islands

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know that white sharks are nomadic creatures who do not tend to travel in packs. The Neptune Islands (our shark cage diving site) is a site frequented by white sharks, but not home to them. They stay on average 21 days to feed and explore the area and then move on. The migration patterns of the White Shark are something spectacular but also ever-changing. We have sharks from both the Eastern and Western populations migrating down the coast to meet at our dive site.

Interestingly, the Great Whites that migrate from Eastern Australia do not actually cross the Bass Strait. They have been observed to travel all the way around the foot of Tasmania, presumably following a migration path from way back when Tasmania was still attached to mainland Australia! The sharks travel in order to take advantage of seasonal food supplies. It just so happens, that the Neptune Islands are a natural source of such food supplies in the form of a large Long Nose Fur Seal population. Lots of tasty lil’ cheeseburgers for the sharkies to snack on! Yum!

Summer Shark Sightings

Summer Shark Attractants

Summer is one of the two prime seasons for white shark viewing at our Neptune Islands site in Port Lincoln, South Australia. The great Summer shark sightings occur due to one particular attractant. The annual pupping and breeding season of fur seals! Thousands of fur seals congregate here and the Spring and Summer shark activity starts in November and lasts until the end of January. Port Lincoln, South Australia hosts the largest population of Long Nosed Fur-Seals with numbers estimated at 50,000. The Neptune Islands, of the Ron and Valerie Taylor Marine Park, is a recognised breeding site for the species, hence the interest from Great White Sharks.

Summer Shark Sightings  Summer Shark Sightings

Special Summer Visitors

Summer shark sightings typically consist of male white sharks between 2 and 4.5 metres in length.  We can identify many of them as they return to the Islands at the same time each year, and our staff has come to know their individual likes, dislikes, and personalities. Some frequent Summer visitors include ‘IMAX’ a big 4m male who is basically a local, and ‘Santa Claus,’ a 4.5m male with a large tumour on his chin. The following photos are of big boy IMAX. We can identify him due to the unusual kink in his tail. It is presumed that the unusual tail shape is due to a foreign object wrapped around it from a young age (see below).

Summer Shark Sightings

The water and weather

It is no secret, that the Australian Summer is super hot. With temperatures that can reach 45 degrees Celsius, there is no better place to be than under the sea, observing sharks. Water temperatures usually reach an average of about 19 degrees during this time. With 7ml wetsuits and the adrenaline rush, you aren’t likely to get cold. Getting wet here on Summer days is perfect. In terms of water clarity, with less swell comes clearer waters. The ever-changing tides and large swells typically stir up the ocean floor. In Summer, when the weather tends to be calmer, we expect better water clarity and conditions. There tends to be less likelihood of tour cancellations then too.

Summer Shark Sightings


The Summer months tend to be the most reliable for both weather conditions and shark sightings. Hence why it is time we recommend most. The water is warm, the sharks are biting. There’s no better place to be than under the sea with Great White Sharks.

Beat the heat this Summer, come shark cage diving with Adventure Bay Charters! If you have any questions about current sightings, availability or tour details, you can reach us on our live chat right here on our website, email us at or call our office on (08) 8682 2979. Thanks for reading, we can’t wait to have you out to enjoy the sunshine, saltwater, and sharks!