Staff Dog

In addition to the sea puppies we met on each of our tours, most of our staff have their own puppies who cannot be forgotten about! These lucky dogs get to eat all our scraps at the end of the day, so we’re pretty sure they love where we work just as much as we do! Anyway, especially for all you dog lovers out there, we have put together a little portfolio of our office dogs, and those belonging to each of our crew members. Welcome to the real puppies of Adventure Bay (note, not in order of favourites): 



Kuma belongs to the Waller family who owns Adventure Bay Charters. While he isn’t allowed to come on our tours anymore, (sad reacts only) he does enjoy hanging out with the office crew, the boat crew on a maintenance day, and roaming the Marina scoring pats and treats from locals! Kuma loves to meet and greet our customers, and have a chat with anyone who will listen (basically growl and bark and you’ve nailed it).

Breed: Husky x Golden Retriever

Age: 8

Owners: The Waller family. Matt, Tracy, Cambell, Lucy and Angus.

Stomping grounds: The office, boat, Cruisers Cafe, The Dive Shop, basically the entire Marina!

Favourite food: Anything you’re eating for lunch

Hates: Being ignored.

Favourite pastime: Riding in the back of the ute, going for a wander, scoring belly rubs from customers.

Fun fact/story: Just recently, Kuma wandered a bit far from the office and was returned by the police in the back of their wagon!


STAFF DOG #2 ALF Staff Dog

Adventure Bay Charters’ manager owns Alf. Alf is a bit more energetic than Kuma, so he mostly runs around his pen out the back of the office. However, when he has been an extra good boy (or the office is quiet) Alf gets to come inside and entertain the office staff! He keeps us company when we go into his pen to fill up our rainwater containers, and froths over a pat and snack.

Breed: Labrador

Age: 6

Owners: Macca and Katie

Stomping grounds: The office backyard

Favourite food: Everything but lettuce

Hates: Walking up or down stairs

Favourite pastime: Being excited

Fun fact/story: When he is thirsty, he doesn’t drink out of the bowl. He sticks his whole head in it!



Boogie lives up in Elliston with Bess’ family. Still only a lil’ pupper, she enjoys making friends with humans and dogs and car trips to the beach.Staff Dog

Breed: Ridgeback cross blue heeler.

Age: 1

Owner: Bess

Stomping grounds: Elliston

Favourite food: Whatever you happen to be eating at the time.

Hates: Sleeping outside or being left alone.

Favourite pastime: Going anywhere in the car. She loves to be driven around to see the sites and all her friends. She also loves the beach.

Fun fact/story: Boogie loves necks. If you don’t like neck kisses you will have a hard time around her!




Asha’s dad is Shep, our permanent Skipper on the boat. She is getting a bit on the old side now, but in her prime, she enjoyed fishing adventures and absolutely loved joining Shep when he went stand up paddleboarding. Asha is a beach bum, having grown up spending all her free time at the beach this border collie has salt water in her veins, just like Dad!

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 17!

Owner: Kym Shepperd

Favourite place to go: The beach

Favourite food: Sashimi and fresh Tuna

Hates: Cats

Favourite pastime: SUP and beach

Fun fact/story: Her nickname is Panda! She likes to chase lightning.


STAFF DOG #5 PIE Staff Dog

Pie belongs to me! I am a coxswain on the boat. She is getting a bit old now and has a bad back, but that doesn’t stop her playing fetch or chasing seagulls on the beach! Pie’s best friend is our little ragdoll-cross cat Tipper; we often find them cuddled up together in bed *insert heart eyes here*.

Breed: Border Collie x Rottweiler

Age: 9

Owner: My Family! Mel, Rose and Jack O’Donnell.

Favourite place to go: The beach and the farm

Favourite food: Anything that isn’t her dog nuts

Hates: Thunderstorms

Favourite pastime: Sleeping, beach runs and playing fetch.

Fun fact/story: Will chase shadows and reflections from shiny objects.



Zany belongs to one of our longest crew members Sammy. She was rescued from the RSPCA by Sam’s family after initially being bred for farm work at Red Hill. As it stands she is now the laziest farm dog you’ll meet, much preferring a run at the beach or a camping mish!

Breed: Kelpie

Age: 2.5

Owner: Sam Smith

Favourite place to go: The beach and camping

Favourite food: Jerky

Hates: Being told that she stinks!

Favourite pastime: Napping, Camping

Fun fact/story: She is the laziest farm dog.



Chawky belongs to Emma, one of our other coxswains on the boat. He was rescued from Carnarvon pound, WA at just two weeks old! A little on the crazy side, Chawky lives life on the edge, keeping Emma’s family on their toes! As a pup, he managed to fall out of the back of the ute in Poochera and was found two weeks later, after travelling half the state Red Dog style! Chawky is one adventurous pooch!

Breed: Blue Heeler cross

Age: 15

Owner: Emma Fahey

Stomping grounds: Coffin Bay

Favourite foods: Anything the locals feed him when he sneaks out!


Favourite pastimes: Catching waves at the beach, riding in the back of the ute, sneaking out (typical teenager!)

Fun fact/story: Chawky is deaf, blind, geriatric and has a busted front leg, but he doesn’t let that stop him being a part of the action!



Emma’s other doggo is Delilah! She was rescued from Lincoln South as a puppy and then locked up in the pound for 7 months until Emma’s family found her. Due to her underprivileged beginning, she is a little simple and scattered but tries ever so hard to impress! Delilah moved to Coffin Bay when she was 2 and has lived with a loving family ever since.

Breed: Staffy cross

Age: 6

Owner: Emma Fahey

Stomping grounds: Coffin Bay

Favourite foods:

Hates: Being told off for constantly digging holes and shredding her bed

Favourite pastime: Long runs and lots of attention

Fun fact/story: Delilah is starting to get the hang of swimming after only seeing water for the first time as a 2-year-old! From being scared of the water, she has come a long way!



Meet Rosie, Grace’s little Jack Russell Terrier. She’s getting old and is blind as a bat, but that does not stop her getting herself into a lot of trouble! Like most of the other dogs, Rosie loves going to the beach and exploring. What can we say? These EP dogs really do have salt in their veins!

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Age: 12

Owner: Grace Franco

Stomping grounds: Port Lincoln

Favourite food: Carrot. He comes running and stands on your feet until you give her some!

Favourite pastime: Exploring, walks along the beach, dinner time.

Fun fact/story: Her favourite time of the day is 5pm when, like clockwork, she stands at the fridge waiting for dinner!



Joey belongs to our newest team member Harley. He still lives in Cleve at the moment but is moving down to Port Lincoln with Harley soon. Joey’s breed is uncertain. Maybe Dingo? What do you reckon?

Breed: Kelpie x something!

Age: 2

Owner: Harley Touhy

Stomping grounds: Cleve, soon to be Port Lincoln

Favourite food: Whatever you are eating at the time.

Hates: Loud noises

Favourite pastime: Jumping on Harley

Fun fact/story: She likes to eat flies!



We love both land and sea puppies and we’re lucky enough to live a life where we encounter both almost daily. Come and meet some of the staff dogs and puppies of the sea all at once! We are serious about our love of animals if you can’t tell. These are the dogs that we all come home to after spending our days with the puppies of the sea and we’re so glad you get to know them too.