The new home of Shark Cage Diving has arrived in Port Lincoln! Adventure Bay Charters’ brand new office and merchandise store is now open for business.

Designed by Adventure Bay Charters’ owner Matt Waller, the building is made entirely out of shipping containers and has quickly become one of the most iconic buildings within Port Lincoln.

Adventure Bay Charters - New Home Of Shark Cage Diving

The New Home Of Shark Cage Diving!

Located at number 2 South Quay Boulevard in the Port Lincoln Marina, the new office sits directly opposite Adventure Bay Charters’ boarding pontoon, creating the perfect place for guests to begin their adventure.

The building contains a merchandise store, departure lounge, sales and tour information desk and head office – along with hireable function areas and rentable office spaces.


New Home Of Shark Cage Diving

The Design.

Over many nights business owner Matt Waller began to create the new office design using his children’s lego, a few wines and scotches, and a lot of imagination!

Matt wanted a building that not only looked spectacular, but one thats was functional, eco-friendly, and would be the perfect place for guests to begin their adventure in Port Lincoln..  At the new home of Shark Cage Diving!

Lego Design

3D Images - Adventure Bay Charters Office

Shipping Containers. An Eco-Friendly Approach To Building.

The reason Matt chose to use shipping containers was their inherent strength, wide availability, and relatively low expense. However, the main contributing factor was because they are more eco-friendly than traditional building materials.

A 40ft shipping container weighs over 3,500KG, and when up-cycling shipping containers thousands of kilograms of steel are saved. In addition, when building with containers the amount of traditional building materials needed (i.e. bricks and cement) are reduced.

Interior Construction

Exterior Construction

A labour of love…

The building took just over 9 months to complete, and was built using local builders, tradies and friends of Matt.

There were even a few days where a Great White Shark was spotted on site. Doing her bit to chip in, she was not afraid to grab a drill or hammer and get her fins dirty!

Matt Waller

The perfect place to begin your adventure!

Your adventure now begins in the departure lounge. Enjoy a cup of tea, freshly brewed coffee and a light breakfast in a warm and friendly atmosphere before making your way to our boat to start your Shark Cage Diving or Swim with Sea Lions adventure.

Adventure Bay Charters - Departure Lounge

Adventure Bay Charters - Departure Lounge

Browse the best merchandise store in Port Lincoln!

Looking for that perfect memory of your adventure in Port Lincoln? Look no further! The new merchandise store offers a huge range of branded clothing, Shark and Sea Lion plush toys, and other themed accessories which will create lasting memories once your tour is well and truly over.

Shark Warrior Merchandise

Gus Waller

Come in and say hello

Whether you are visiting Port Lincoln as a passenger, a tourist passing through, or even if you are a local – make sure you come past the marina to visit the new home of Shark Cage Diving. We can’t wait to see you all soon!

New Home Of Shark Cage Diving