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Ultimate Ocean Safari

World's Only Bottom Cage Day Tour


Ultimate Ocean Safari, it’s time to getaway now!

Bottom Cage Dive with Great White Shark, Unique Aqua-Sub experience, Liveaboard in Shark Territory!

After months of lockdown and social distancing, you deserve the opportunity to have your epic voyage with your mates, explore the Great Southern Ocean and enjoy the chance to see the  “Big Five of Eyre Peninsula” – White Sharks, Sea Lions, Dolphins, Whales and Giant Cuttlefish (Optional extra).







The Ultimate Ocean Safari is a 3 day, 2 night voyage between Adelaide and Port Lincoln for a maximum of 8 passengers liveaboard our expedition vessel Shark Warrior – with our snorkeling, surface and scuba dive and aqua sub options.


Adelaide to Port Lincoln

Adventure Bay Charters Ultimate Ocean Safari

Adventure Bay Charters Ultimate Ocean Safari

Day 1 – Tuesday

Meet at the Marina in Glenelg at 4:00 pm for a 5:00 pm departure. Enjoy dinner onboard cruising into the sunset.

Day 2 – Wednesday

ETA Neptune Island early morning which is home to the Great White Sharks, and also the largest fur seal colony in Australia. Then passengers can enjoy a full day with the Great White Sharks. We offer surface cage diving, Bottom Cage Diving and Aqua Sub Experience to maximize our shark experience. We will spend the night at Neptune Island.

Adventure Bay Charters Swim With Sea Lions

Adventure Bay Charters Swim With Sea Lions

Day 3 – Thursday

Wake up at Neptune Island, enjoy breakfast and a few more hours with the Great White Sharks before cruising to the home of the puppies of the sea, Australia Sea Lions. We will arrive back into Port Lincoln around 5:00 pm.

The bus transfer will depart from Port Lincoln on Sunday afternoon and arrive back into Adelaide that night. The few extras days in Port Lincoln gives you the chance to explore the Eyre Peninsula. Why not enjoy our local seafood and wine, the pristine national parks and much more that the Eyre Peninsula has to offer.

Port Lincoln to Adelaide

This trip shares a similar itinerary with the Adelaide to Port Lincoln itinerary. The main difference is the departure time from Port Lincoln and arriving time to Adelaide.

Come over Friday morning with the bus transfer to Port Lincoln, with lunch in Whyalla. Why not add the option to swim with Giant Cuttlefish.

Day 1 – Sunday

Departure from Port Lincoln at 8:00 am. The first stop is a Swim with Sea Lions and then an afternoon spent at Neptune Island to dive with the Great White Sharks.

Day 2 – Monday

Wake up at Neptune Island, enjoy breakfast and the entire day with Great White Sharks. Late afternoon we will then make our way back to Adelaide.

Day 3 – Tuesday

Arrive at Adelaide around 9:00 am


  • 3 day 2 nights private Ultimate Ocean Safari: $1,500 per person (For a maximum 8 passengers) equivalent to $12000 for the whole boat
  • Optional accommodation add on
  • BYO wine and alcohol drink

What’s Included

  • 3 day 2 Nights Private Charters
  • One way transfer Port Lincoln to Adelaide or Adelaide to Port Lincoln (Dependant on tour)
  • Multiple Bottom Cage Dive Opportunities
  • Swim With Sea Lions
  • Aqua Sub Access
  • All meals onboard included, including seafood tasting
  • National Park Fee, Cage Dive Fee, Bottom Cage Dive Fee

Social Distancing Still Applies

Passengers health and safety is always our top priority, we strictly follow the regulations and suggestions from the Federal Government and health department. So the maximum passenger number will be 8 on our trip and we provide hand sanitizer for passengers to use.

Why Choose US?

18 Meters Down – Bottom Cage Diving Adventure

Down to the Ocean Floor of Neptune Islands with our special designed bottom cage and experienced dive captians. Observe the natural behaviour of Great White Sharks in their own territory. Each dive will be a maximum of 45 mins, each passenger can do a maximum of 2 dives during the tour. It can take 3 passengers and one dive captain at one time.

Shark Cage Diving Port Lincoln

Surface Shark Cage Diving


360 degrees underwater glass viewing area! Have a similar view as the surface cage but you keep completely dry! It can take 6 passengers at one time, perfect for a resting place for Surface Cage Diver and Bottom Cage Diver and suitable for non-swimmers to experience the ultimate shark trip.

Aqua Sub Shark Diving Port Lincoln

Adventure Bay Charters Underwater Sub

2019 South Australia Adventure Tourism Award Winner

Authorized PADI & SSI Diving Boat

To provide premium dive shark bottom cage diving experience to our passengers, we are the Registered Dive Boat from reputable dive organizations PADI and SSI. During the tour, our passengers will enjoy our world-class dive services. And for our dive location – Neptune Islands are also registered as dive sites on SSI, divers can easily put dive data in their dive logbook.


I would like to thank you for two amazing experiences that were the highlight of my holiday. I will remember them as long as i live. Thank you so much for your great service and everything you did for me, I'm glad I chose your company! Seriously, I can't thank you enough, 2 incredible experience that i will cherish!
Chris Younger,

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