Shark Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

If there is one thing you must add to your bucket list, it has to be Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites!

As the creators of Australia’s first Advanced Eco-certified Shark Cage Diving experience, we offer visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the legendary Great White Shark in its natural habitat.

Adventure Bay Charters has set a standard in shark attraction that is the highest in sustainability and environmental credentials around the world. Our methods of attraction are the most sympathetic towards the people who live by, work on and recreationally use the waters of Port Lincoln. The use of music to attract the sharks to our vessel allows you the unique opportunity to rock out to the Great White Sharks’ preference of AC/DC or your most loved tunes whilst in the cage.

We are also proud to introduce the world’s first Shark “Aqua Sub” – a revolutionary way to view Great White Sharks in their most pure form. This submersible glass viewing area features 360-degree underwater views and allows you to stay completely dry!

Shark Cage Diving

Why Choose Adventure Bay Charters?

  • We are bait and berley free – Caring for the sharks and the marine environment is our top priority!
  • Smaller group sizes – We take a maximum of 27 people per trip to ensure you have the greatest chance of interaction.
  • Multiple dive opportunities – Untimed and unlimited dives allow you to go again and again!
  • Aqua Sub – Hesitant about cage diving? Jump in the Aqua Sub, stay completely dry and see all you would in the cage.
  • No waiting around to see sharks – With 6 people in the cage and 6 people in the Aqua Sub at any one time, you are given the best chance of seeing sharks. That’s 12 people underwater at once!
  • We get you there quicker – Ours is the fastest boat to Neptune Islands. We’re all about maximising your diving time!
  • Free Photos – All photos taken by our crew on the day are emailed to you for free after your tour!

Prices and Inclusions

Peak Adult Observer $395*
Peak Child Observer (5-15 years) $345*

Off-peak Adult Observer $295*
Off-peak Child Observer (5-15 years) $245*

Off-peak season is the months of February, March & August. (Low shark sighting months).

**Please note, children under 5 years not recommended on Shark Tour due to length of tour.**

All passengers pay the observer rate and later pay the underwater access fee of $125.00 to gain unlimited access to both the cage and sub or either one. This fee is payable on board and only after a successful shark sighting in either the cage or sub.

Inclusions: mask, snorkel, wetsuit, gloves, hood, cage and/or sub access and all meals excluding dinner.

All prices are inclusive of $32 per person Neptune Island Conservation Park fees.

Shark Cage Diving


Tours will be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable. Adventure Bay Charters reserves the right to offer an alternate date if the trip is cancelled by us or will offer a full refund on a case-by-case basis. Bookings are not confirmed until payment is received from the customer (customer = participant on the tour). Cancellation policy applies to all clients (client = the person who books and confirms the booking with Adventure Bay Charters).

  • No refund will be provided for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance, or in case of no show.
  • A cancellation fee of 20% applies for cancellations or changes made less than 14 days in advance.
  • A cancellation fee of 10% applies for cancellations or changes made more than 14 days in advance.


All customers have the right and responsibility to call us prior to their tour for up to date shark sightings. In the event of sustained periods of no sightings, tours can be deferred to a later date. Existing cancellation and admin fees still apply.


It truly was mind blowing seeing the Great Whites like that and i thank you for giving me that opportunity. It will live with me forever the moment it snook up in front of my face was brilliant. Please send my thanks to the captain and Ben for looking after us and keeping us safe and returning us safe. Also thank them for not pushing me to get out the cage to go back when I was in there for 2 and a half hours straight. I just didn't want to miss anything.
Sean Chinn,


Your day, on board Shark Warrior:

Your day begins in our new departure lounge. Check in, enjoy a light breakfast, and browse our selection of merchandise before boarding the Shark Warrior.

Our full day tour takes you from Port Lincoln marina to ‘shark bay’ at Neptune Island, approximately 70 kms south of Port Lincoln, South Australia. On the way, see spectacular scenery as you cruise through the Thorny Passage and expect sightings of inquisitive local dolphins and sea birds.

To ensure we are protecting the natural environment, we use audio sound vibrations to attract the sharks to the boat rather than berley. The benefits of using sound vibration is that it is omnidirectional (that is, it travels in all directions underwater), it’s instantaneous and completely eco friendly – and funnily enough, the great white shark’s favourite choice of music is the rock tunes from AC/DC. Lately they have also taken a liking to The Hilltop Hoods!!

Shark Cage Diving

Pick Up Location

Return transfers (to and from Boarding Pontoon) free from Adventure Backpackers. $10 per person return from all other stops.

  • Adventure Backpackers ($29/night 8 bed shared mixed dorm) – 6:00am (Free)
  • Limani Hotel – 6:00am
  • Navigators Inn – 6:00am
  • Bay 10 – 6:05am
  • Port Lincoln Hotel – 6:10am
  • Pier Hotel – 6:10am
  • Grand Tasman Hotel – 6:15am
  • Boston Hotel – 6:15am
  • YHA – 6:15am
  • Port Lincoln Cabin Park – 6:20am
  • Port Lincoln Tourist Park – 6:25am

You can walk to our departure office from the Shark Apartments and Marina Hotel.

Departure Point: Adventure Bay Charters Office. 2 South Quay Boulevard, Port Lincoln Marina.

Departure Time: **Office opens for complimentary breakfast at 6:00am. All guests must be at the office before 6:30am**

Return Time: Between 6 – 7pm.

Duration: 1 day

Minimum Passengers: 9
Maximum Passengers: 27
Facilities: Toilets on board, change rooms and hot water showers
Includes: Light breakfast in departure lounge, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea. water and soft drinks.

All photos taken on board are available to download online for free. We will provide you with a link to download them.

Merchandise and alcoholic beverages available on board for purchase.

What To Bring

  • Warm jacket (it can get cold out on the water or after a swim)
  • Swimming Suit
  • Your camera or GoPro
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen – we encourage you to be sun smart
  • Towel

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Port Lincoln located?

Port Lincoln is located 640km from Adelaide, South Australia. Either a short 45-minute plane flight, or a 7 – 7.5 hour drive.

The shark cage diving is carried out at North Neptune Islands, which is approximately 2 ½ hours boat ride from Port Lincoln.

Click here for more information on how to get to Port Lincoln.

What is the best time of year to go shark cage diving?

Great White sightings can never be guaranteed as they are wild animals, however most of our tours result in shark sightings. Certainly there are better times than others to have the best chance at a good sighting of Great Whites.

We are always hesitant to say the ‘best’ time of year to swim with the sharks, as they are nomadic and somewhat unpredictable. Historically however, the best time of year for viewing great white sharks is from April through to June. At this time the seal pups that were born in the summer months start leaving the safety of the shore and therefore make an easy food supply for the sharks.

Unfortunately this period is the beginning of our winter months and therefore the chance of bad weather is also increased. Although we will do our best to ensure trips depart, the weather is out of our control and we encourage passengers to contact us 3 days prior to departure for an updated forecast. We also recommend travel insurance in case departures need to be adjusted.

November through to the end of January has always been another great time to dive with the sharks as this is their annual breeding season. The weather is also warmer at this time of year making trips popular in these months.

Although there are strong annual trends in both shark reliability, activity and weather conditions, Great White Sharks can actually be found at the Neptune islands in any given month, and we experience great variations and exceptions to rules every season with both the weather and sharks.

Of course we are always happy to give you up to date information on recent sightings so please contact our friendly team.

What is Adventure Bay Charters commitment toward ecological sustainability?

We aim to undertake continual improvements toward ecological sustainability through the adoption of best practice techniques. We do this by taking feedback from customer’s staff as well as general observations and incorporating these into our policies and procedures. We have a strong relationship with Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and ensure that we abide by all current guidelines. We also ensure that at all times we adhere to National Parks and Wildlife Regulations, Marine Parks Regulations and license conditions under the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

Adventure Bay Charters has an environmental management system written specifically for each of its tours. All environmental aspects and impacts are taken into account and this management plan is revised on an annual basis.

Adventure Bay Charters is licensed and operates under the Great White Shark Cage Diving Code of Conduct to promote shark cage diving in South Australia in a professional and responsible manner.

What does it mean to be Advanced Eco-certified?

The ECO Certification logo is a globally recognised brand which assists travellers to choose and experience a genuine and authentic tour or attraction that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

The ECO Certification program assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

Advanced Ecotourism is the highest level of ECO Certification in Australia. It identifies Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism products, providing an opportunity to learn about the environment with an operator who is committed to achieving best practice when using resources wisely, contributing to the conservation of the environment and helping local communities.

What are the benefits of acoustic attraction?

Two of the main concerns that scientists have regarding the Great White Shark Cage Diving industry is the use of baits to distract sharks from normal feeding activities and the damage caused to sharks by attacking the shark cage and boat.

We see very different behaviour from sharks attracted by acoustics compared to attraction by berley. By playing music through underwater speakers we encourage curious sharks to venture around the boat to investigate the source of the sound. When sharks are not lured by food they are not as aggressive and do not attack the shark cage or vessel, therefore not causing harm to the very (impressive!) creature that we have come to see!

Adventure Bay Charters’ pioneered the use of acoustic attraction for great white shark cage diving in Australia.

Want more information about the Neptune Island Conservation Park?

Visit the Department of Environment and Natural Resources where you’ll find several fact sheets.

How do I buy a gift voucher?

There are a few ways to buy a gift voucher for someone you love (or hate depending how you look at giving someone a gift to dive with sharks!).

Gift vouchers can be purchased on the website by clicking the book now button on the tour you want, then follow the “Buy a Gift Voucher” button.

If you would like a hard copy gift voucher to be posted out to you just contact us directly on 08 8682 2979 or info@adventurebaycharters.com.au and we will post or (if your a bit short on time) email a lovely voucher out to you.

Do you have to have diving qualifications to do the tour?

Scuba Diver certification is not required! All dives are surface dives using “hookah” (surface air supply) meaning no cumbersome air tanks! You will only be 2-4 feet below the surface at all times and free to surface at any time. We will provide you with training on the day!

Are there photos from the tour available?

We have a camera on board that the crew use to take photos throughout the day. On the Swim with Sea Lions tour one of the crew will use the underwater camera to take photos of you and our playful, sealy friends. On the Swim with Great Whites tour you get to be the photographer! Just ask the crew for the underwater camera to take in the cage with you and take as many pictures as you like of the sharks, your buddies and of course a selfie of you in the cage!

When we get back from the tour the camera is downloaded at ABC headquarters and you will receive an email 2 days after you tour with a link to download the photos. If you do not have an email please let us know.

You are very welcome to bring your own underwater camera/GoPro if you have one. Remember to upload any cool photos or videos you get onto our Facebook page so the other guests who were on the trip with you can share it!

Let’s stay in touch! #adventurebaycharters