July 2017 – Port Lincoln Times. Plastic Free July for Adventure Bay Charters

Sarah Hayes at Adventure Bay Charters is encouraging people to get on board Plastic Free July which helps to keep plastic out of the ocean and create a safer environment for sea lions and other sea life.

Plastic Free July

June 2017 – Beer Garden Brewing. Cage Diver Beer Launch


June 2017 – New York Post. The tiny town that is Australia’s secret seafood mecca



November 2016 – Instameet

Recently we hosted Port Lincoln’s very first Instameet with a group of Instagram influencers joining us for a fun filled weekend! Here is a snippet of the adventure shared by Phil from Radtimes. Such an awesome weekend with a talented bunch of legends!

September 2016 – Qantas Travel Insider. Encounter Great White Sharks In Eyre Peninsula

It’s one of the most sought-after wildlife experiences in the world. But as Max Anderson discovers, cage-diving with great white sharks is no soft adventure.

Cage Diving

May 2016 – Olympic Gold Medalist Kyle Chalmers Swimming with the Sea Lions.


April 2016 – Port Lincoln Times. Olympic Gold Medalist Kyle Chalmers Dives with Sharks.

LOCAL Olympic hopeful Kyle Chalmers took a break from the pool when he visited Port Lincoln over the weekend but it did not take long for him to get back in the water for a similarly breathtaking experience.

Shark Cage Diving - Kyle Chalmers

November 2015 – Australian Geographic. Great white sharks prefer rock music

Chum has long been used to entice sharks, but it seems they have slightly more eclectic tastes when it comes to music

Shark Cage Diving

September 2015 – Expedia

Reuben Mourad dives into the beautiful waters of South Australia’s Port Lincoln to get up close with the Australian Sea Lion.

July 2015 – Sharks Love Death Metal | Bride Of Jaws Shark Week

The team trades chum for music, hoping to strike a chord with nearby great whites. Luckily (or not), great whites have an ear for death metal. From Shark Week 2015’s “Bride of Jaws”.


June 2015 – Daily Mail Australia.

Now you can see great white sharks up close and personal and stay dry… in a glass viewing pod (but is it any less terrifying?)

Aqua Sub


May 2015: Deadly debate: does berleying by Shark Cage Diving companies increase attacks?

SBS deadly debate

March 2015 – Sunrise Swims With The Sea Lions

We had the pleasure this morning of hosting Edwina Bartholomew and the Channel 7 Sunrise team doing the weather live on our Swim with the Sea Lions tour at Hopkins Island. Check out the video below. Weather was amazing and the Sea Lions were as playful as ever!

Sunrise swims with the Sea Lions

February 2015. The Advertiser & Channel 7.

Killer whales turn the table on Great White Shark off coast of Port Lincoln.

Killer Whales

February 2015. Nova 100 Melbourne – Tommy’s 30th Shark Week

Tommy and Meshel from Nova 100 Melbourne joined us recently onboard Shark Warrior. It was to celebrate Tommy’s 30th birthday “Shark week”.

His first gift was to swim with sharks at the Melbourne Aquarium. After conquering this and thinking he was the “King Of The Sharks”, Meshel decided to up the ante and bring Tommy to Port Lincoln and Cage Dive with Great White Sharks!!

Unfortunately due to the recent Orca attack at the Neptune Islands no Sharks were sighted. Tommy still got to Swim with the Australian Sea Lions, see Dolphins, feast upon some of the Eyre Peninsula’s finest Seafood and caught some rays on the deck.


December 2014 – The Advertiser.

Port Lincoln company now lets you see sharks underwater without getting wet.

Shark Cage Diving


June 2014 – World’s First Shark Cage Wine Tasting

After checking out Tasmania’s vast landscape, drinking some sparkling wine and almost falling to his death off the side of a 400 foot Dam, Colin decided to head home to the USA. Yet after arriving he felt unfulfilled and had to go back to Australia to check out one of his favourite wine regions and wines just North of Adelaide in the region of Clare Valley.

This episode takes an in depth look into the GREAT WHITE wine of Australia, while also trying to go down into the depths of South Australian coast line to drink this GREAT WHITE WINE with some GREAT WHITE SHARKS, performing the WORLD’S FIRST SHARK CAGE WINE TASTING!

For more information on the winery please visit


The PlanetD – Where Inspiration, Adventure and travel colide.

playing guitar underwater

Adventure Couple Dave and Deb started the Travel Blog The PlanetD as inspiration for people to travel around the world and live their dreams and we were lucky enough to have them join one of our tours.


July 29th 2013 – SA Life Channel 7

The host from SA Life join Adventure Bay Charters for the chance to catch a glimpse at the ultimate underwater predator the Great White Shark.


June 19th 2013 – Sam Stewart and Kelly-Marie Smith – Video Blogger

A MUST watch!!!

June 16th 2013 – Greg Snell – Blogger

Adventure Bay Charters ‘are a world class operator with a ton of knowledge about the Sea Lions behavior, life cycle, habitat, and most importantly future.

Swimming with the Australian Sea Lions has been the highlight of my trip so far. It is incredibly hard for me to express how awesome today was. I hope the video can give you a better idea.’ Greg Snell (Winner of The Best Job in the World campaign 2013) Check out his blog – Greg Goes Global


June 16th 2013 – Nick Tilley – Blogger

‘South Australia is such a unique place, with wildlife unlike anywhere else in the world, and swimming with the sea-lions of Port Lincoln was a totally ‘Australian’ experience. Nowhere else can you get so up-close and personal with such an amazing animal, and be brought face-to-face with ‘South Australia’ in such an amazing way… I miss them already.’ Nick Tilley (Runner Up for The Best Job in the World Campaign) Check out his blog – The Backpack Professor


June 2011 – Australian Geographic. Great white sharks attracted by AC/DC hits

A shark cage tour operator has found that great white sharks are attracted to music by Aussie band AC/DC.