Into Shark Territory

18 Metres Down


World's Only Bottom Cage Day Tour


Bottom Cage Shark Day Tour: An Australian Bucket List Experience for Wildlife and Ocean Adventure Lovers!

Underwater Sub, Surface Cage Diving, and Bottom Cage Diving in one day.

You can experience the Bottom Cage Diving first, return to the surface and enjoy our dry and warm Aqua-Sub then jump in the Surface Cage to prepare yourself for the next Bottom Cage Dive!

You’ll experience three different Great White Shark experiences in one day so put this one on your Australian Bucket List!

Bottom Cage Dive - Adventure Bay Charters

Bottom Cage Dive – Adventure Bay Charters

Why Bottom Cage Diving?

As reported in the Guardian, a team of marine biologists discovered that great white sharks ambush prey from ocean’s dark depths:

“Most of what we know from white sharks is from electronic tagging, or from what we see at the surface, but when these sharks disappear, what they’re actually doing at depth, where they spend most of their time – we don’t have a sense of that.”

“If the shark hangs at a great depth, in the darkness, then its prey swims above it silhouetted and the shark reduces its own likelihood of detection,” Shark Biologist Greg Skomal said. “The remarkable new observations indicate that the hypothesis is correct, and the sharks ambush from the darkness.” [source].

Aqua Sub Shark Diving Port Lincoln

Aqua Sub Shark Diving Port Lincoln

What Do You Need For Bottom Cage Diving?

Yes, PADI Open Water Certificate or Higher Dive Certification are required.

However, if you don’t yet have an open water dive ticket, we have a Dive learning package as well, just keep scrolling down!

Cage Diving with Great White Sharks


Book Our White Shark Tour (Includes Aqua-Sub)

  • Adult Observer: $350
  • Child Observer: $300
  • Cage Dive Fee: $175 – Only charged when having successful Shark Sightings in the Surface Cage or Bottom Cage.
  • Bottom Cage Dive Fee: $100 per dive (Max 2 Dives per person)

Park Access and administration Fee $39 must be paid upon arrival in the departure lounge prior to boarding the vessel. No exceptions.

Action Camera Hire: $35 with a 32 GB memory card (Not suitable for Bottom Cage)

Underwater Camera Hire: $80 with a 32 GB memory card (Only for Bottom Cage)

Bottom Cage Dive - Adventure Bay Charters

Bottom Cage Dive – Adventure Bay Charters

Whats Included

For White Shark Tour Observer

  • Full-day adventure on the open southern ocean
  • Underwater Aqua-Sub Unlimited Access
  • All the meals on that day include breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Free Photos*

For Surface Cage Diver

  • Above all the Observer Services
  • Unlimited Surface Cage Access
  • Diving gear for surface dive includes wetsuit, mask, snorkel, gloves, hood.

For Bottom Cage Diver

  • Above all the Surface Cage Diver Services
  • 45 mins 18 Meters Down – Bottom Cage Dive Experience
  • Diving gear for Bottom Cage Dive includes wetsuit, mask, regulator, gloves, hood, oxygen, etc.
Bottom Cage Dive - Adventure Bay Charters

Bottom Cage Dive – Adventure Bay Charters

What To Bring

  • Warm clothing and swimwear (It can get cold on the water)
  • Camera & GoPro
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • A book or magazine (It is a 2.5 hour journey to Neptune Islands)
  • Kwells – We also recommend taking sea sickness medication

Why Choose US?

3 Underwater Shark Experiences in one day

To anyone who wants to enjoy The Ultimate Great White Shark Experience, Adventure Bay Charters White Shark Tour will be the final answer. To fulfil different requirements, we offer Bottom Cage Diving, Surface Cage Diving and Aqua-Sub in one day!

18 Meters Down – Bottom Cage Dive Adventure

Plunge 18 meters down to the ocean floor of Neptune Islands with our specially designed Bottom Cage. Observe the natural behaviour of Great White Sharks in their very own territory. Each dive will be a maximum of 45 mins, with each passenger able to do a maximum of 2 dives. This cage is able to take a maximum of 3 passengers who will be joined by a professional cage captain.

Bottom Cage Dive - Adventure Bay Charters

Bottom Cage Dive – Adventure Bay Charters

Surface Cage Diving

Customised Alloy Shark Cage, can take 6 passengers in the water. Use surface air supply and regulators. Depth about 2 meters, the best way to sea shark from the surface.

Surface Cage Dive – Adventure Bay Charters


360 degrees underwater glass viewing area! Have a similar view as the surface cage but you keep completely dry! It can take 6 passengers at one time, perfect for a resting place for Surface Cage Diver and Bottom Cage Diver and suitable for non-swimmers to experience the ultimate shark trip.

Aqua Sub


Triple Shark Bottom Cage Dive Safety

As a responsible wildlife tour and dive tour operator,  safety is always the first priority. To make sure we can provide the top range safety environment for our passengers, we have created the Triple Dive Safety standard which includes:


Triple communication system: Video Camera, Audio Intercom System, Emergency Signal System to keep real-time communication between the Bottom Shark Cage and the Boat.

Triple Connect Point:  Between Bottom Shark Cage and Boat, winch cable, two preventers

Triple air supply: to make sure air safety, we provide one Primary – compressor, Secondary bottle bank, Emergency – two cylinders in the cage. Main air supply, and two emergency air sources. Before every trip start our Bottom Cage Captain will make sure all the safety system work properly.

Want to know more about our Bottom Cage Dive Safety? Check our Bottom Cage Dive Safety Procedure


2019 South Australia Adventure Tourism Award Winner

Authorized PADI & SSI Diving Boat


To provide premium dive shark bottom cage diving experience to our passengers, we are the Registered Dive Boat from reputable dive organizations PADI and SSI. During the tour, our passengers will enjoy our world-class dive services. And for our dive location – Neptune Islands are also registered as dive sites on SSI, divers can easily put dive data in their dive log book.

Marine Biologists Onboard

For more our crew member information, please check Meet The Crew page.

Professionals Shark Bottom Cage Diver

All of our Dive Captains have Valid PADI dive certificate and have been through special designed underwater safety training. Some of them currently have the rescue diver certificate.  For each bottom cage dive, our dive captains will take three passengers to go 18 meters down with them together, so we can ensure all passengers will be well looked after.

No Blood No Berley Shark Tour Operator

We are bait and berley free – Caring for the sharks and the marine environment is our top priority.

Underwater Dive Camera Hire

Meanwhile, we offer the latest model Olympus underwater camera for our passengers hire, which includes the camera body, 60m waterproof housing, a 32GB SD card. After the tour customers can take the card away with them with All the RAW format original footage.

Learn Scuba Diving In The  Bottom Cage

There is no better way to learn to Scuba Diving if you love sharks.

3 Days PADI Training – Bottom Cage Diving Package

  • 5 Star Diving Resort
  • Official PADI Dive Boat
  • World Only Bottom Cage Diving Day Tour Operator
  • Bottom Cage Dive as your final boat dive
  • Receive your PADI Open Water Certificate on that day

What is include

  • All dive gear
  • 1 pool session, 3 shore session and 1 boat session
  • Genuine PADI Open Water Ticket
  • Receive your PADI Open Water Certificate on that day


Day1 (Friday) – Afternoon theory learning (E-learning available), nighttime pool session.

Day2 (Saturday) – Full day training, 3 shore sessions.

Day3 (Sunday) – Free Day, optional Swim With Sea Lion Tour or Port Lincoln Day Tour

Day4 (Monday) – White Shark Tour with 2 Bottom Cage Dives, night time finish final paperwork and got your PADI Open Water Ticket!


$1324 (include PADI Open Water Course + White Shark Tour with 2 bottom cage dives and Park Access Fee)

Diving Safety

Fly: not ascend to a high altitude within 12 hours of completing a single dive or 18 hours after doing multiple dives (whenever possible, wait 24 hours).

Alcohol: On any day, as soon as alcohol passes your lips, there should certainly be no further diving for you on that day. The impacts of dehydration, the largest impact regarding drinking followed by diving in the same day relates to judgment.

Unlike driving a car, where there may be a “safe” limit of alcohol to consume, with diving, a zero-tolerance rule should be applied.

Dive Waiver: All the passengers who join our Bottom Cage Diving program will need to agree and sign the dive waiver before dive.

Bottom Cage Diving & PADI Open Water Course Form

  • Do you have any scuba diving experience or dive certification?
  • Let Us Know Your Diving Plan

Book your Bottom Cage Dive and PADI Open Water Course now

I would like to thank you for two amazing experiences that were the highlight of my holiday. I will remember them as long as i live. Thank you so much for your great service and everything you did for me, I'm glad I chose your company! Seriously, I can't thank you enough, 2 incredible experience that i will cherish!
Chris Younger,

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