Ocean Warrior Beach Clean Up Campaign

Ocean Warrior Beach Clean Up Port Lincoln

There is tons of waste in our ocean

Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by the ocean. Despite being so large and powerful, it is more vulnerable than we can imagine. Each year humans are dumping more than 8 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean. Around 80% of marine debris is originally from land, the other 20% is from ocean vessels such as cruise ships. On average, a single cruise passenger produces 3.5kg of waste per day.


Human waste will entangle wildlife

According to STAP 2011 report, more than 260 species were known to be entangled by plastic debris. Meanwhile 54% of marine mammals, which include endangered Australian Sea Lions, are on the lUCN Red List and have fallen victim to becoming entangled by plastic debris.


How Ocean Waste Impacts our

Australian Sea Lions & Great White Sharks


Ocean Warrior Campaign Sea Lion

A number of studies have shown that entanglement in marine debris is likely to be a significant source of mortality for Australian Sea Lion populations and may be contributing to their lack of recovery across certain parts of their range. A study at Seal Bay During the 1990s and early 2000s found that about 1.3% of the overall population was likely to have entanglement, one of the highest rates reported for any species of carnivorous aquatic mammals.  

Ocean Warrior Beach Clean Up Port Lincoln

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According to IUCN Red list, Australian Sea Lions are an endangered animal, and when assessed on 30th June 2008, the mature individuals count was 13,790. But when last assessed on 3rd Nov 2014, the population of Mature individuals were down to 6500.

Ocean Warrior Beach Clean Up Port Lincoln

Scientists counted more than 1,000 documented instances of sharks and rays becoming tangled in our plastic debris in a recent study. Sharks and rays are at higher risk of extinction than most other animals, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with only 23% of species classified as “least concern”.

For more Great White Shark information, please check our blog.


Ocean Warrior Campaign

A month-long campaign “Ocean Warrior”, where we take large groups throughout Port Lincoln, South Australia for beach clean ups, in our commitment to Respect, Protect and Promote the world our White Sharks and Australian Sea Lion live in.

Ocean Warrior Beach Clean Up Port Lincoln

We invite you to take part in this campaign, and show our local community your business and social responsibility to the environment. By joining a beach clean up, and or participating in an “Ocean Warrior” video, you are helping to spread the awareness and encourage others to play their part in this huge problem, that can be solved if everyone plays even the smallest role. 



If you would like to organize a beach clean up campaign for your school, business and organisation, please contact us for more beach clean up details. Let’s physically get our hands dirty by cleaning up the mess we have all made!

We would like to challenge YOU to get your hands in the sand and become an Ocean Warrior!

Send us a video of yourself, club, school or place of business, doing your part in helping the battle against waste. Start with the phrase “I am an Ocean Warrior because……..” and film the small steps you take or tips to a cleaner, healthier Ocean.

Please check our sample video here.

Video Submission Email Address: info@adventurebaycharters.com.au

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