Want to know about other Eco-Businesses who have similar beliefs to us and have high standards in conservation, responsibility & ecological sustainability.

Port Lincoln – Eco-Tourism Operators

Goin’ Off Safaris

Shares amazing Australian wildlife and spectacular nature – perfect for families, small groups, bird enthusiasts, anyone with an interest and being a part of the Australian nature and wildlife.

Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris

Gawler Ranges Safaris offer an amazing diversity and profusion of wildlife in numbers rarely seen elsewhere in Australia. The area has an extraordinary range of wildly beautiful outback country boasting contrasting colours of red sands and rocky gorges, blue skies and the glistening white of massive Lake Gairdner.

Australian Wilderness and Wildlife Tours with Xplore Eyre

Xplore Eyre is a family owned and operated Australian tour company who have been proudly showcasing the remote and spectacular destinations throughout South Australia and the South West of Western Australia for the past 15 years.  They specialise in wilderness and wildlife journeys for small groups and love nothing more than reconnecting people with nature by sharing our incredible landscapes, culture and wildlife.

Port Lincoln – Local Eco-Businesses

Beer Garden Brewing

Use local grain in every beer they brew and hold sustainability as a key value with solar power, use of rainwater for brewing, recycling of wastewater, an edible beer garden and spent grain from the brewing process feeding cows that later return to their menu to close the loop.

Cruisers Hub Cafe

Relaxed venue with a great atmosphere, offering excellent quality food and service for a reasonable price. Are now plastic free for straws and takeaway cutlery. They now have Veg-ware made mostly from corn and are compostable which means they can go into green waste.

Eyre Imports

Ethical is the new black. They love endlessly, stay in your love & say no to sweatshop.
They research, they design, they support, and create, one love, respect all life, big or small. 100% vegan 100% ethical Eyre Imports.


South Australia – Eco-Tourism Operators

Off-Piste 4WD Tours

Off Piste 4WD Tours is a journey through the magnificent Fleurieu Peninsula. A 40-minute drive departing from central Adelaide visitors will embark on a value added opportunity to experience thrilling off-road travel to hard-to-reach, seldom visited & generally unknown places showcasing the in-depth beauty of the southern region of South Australia.

Temptation Sailing

Temptation is the first vessel in South Australia to be given a licence to swim with and study dolphins and operates successful dolphin swim and watch cruises from Glenelg. This is possibly the only cruise of its type, where they don’t go to the dolphins, they come to them – something that has taken many cruises to achieve.

Food Tours Australia

At Food Tours Australia they will introduce and connect you with local producers, offering food and wine experiences, highlighting products and demonstrating the importance of local foods to the community and the economy.  They offer a range of food tourism and educational activities in city centre hubs for people interested in learning about high-quality foods produced locally in Australia and the people behind the products.


South Australia – Eco-Businesses

Plant 4 Bowden

The magic happens in the old Clipsal building in Bowden, just outside of the CBD of Adelaide. In conjunction with Renewal SA, they have buffed and polished this relic to act as a canvas for a weekly rotation of fresh produce and maker markets, functions and events. Conscious of their future in Bowden, they have and will continue to adhere to the international standards for green building design. As a result, they’re proud to have a 5 Green Star Rating for their operations.

The Organic Market and Cafe Stirling

Established as a fresh organic produce market for local growers in 1982, this iconic Café opened in 1992. Every day they reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink with initiatives including complementary electric vehicle recharging stations, priority to value-added, energy-efficient and multiple-use products,  use of recycled materials and compostable packaging and recycling food waste, paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and metals

Good Life Modern Organic Pizza: World’s first carbon neutral pizza.

They source produce that’s organic, fresh, in season and from regional South Australia. They we don’t take anything from the planet they don’t give back. They invented invented the world’s first carbon neutral pizza. This was achieved by working with the company Balance Carbon from about 2006 to evaluate the three restaurants’ carbon footprints and then arriving at a way to offset it. Good Life also hosts events which resonate with these commitments such as the annual Earth Hour event held in March which was created to draw the public’s attention to global warming and engaging people in solutions.


Australia – Eco-Tourism Operators

Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours Exmouth

Eco Tourism or Ecological Tourism is what Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours is all about. They are proudly ECO Certified, meaning their tours adhere to best practice and standards for environmentally responsible tourism and are Eco Tourism Western Australia approved.

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys – Tasmania

As a business that showcases the natural environment, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys works hard to minimise its environmental footprint.  All of their tours are 100% carbon offset and their energy use, water consumption and waste output are measured through the internationally recognised EarthCheck system.  Pennicott Wilderness Journeys consistently exceeds EarthCheck’s global best practice level across all indicators.

Moonshadow TQC Cruises – NSW

Advanced Eco-certified Moonshadow – TQC, is an owner operated business located 2.5hr drive north of Sydney, 45 minutes drive north of Newcastle on the East Coast of NSW Australia. They have the largest fleet of vessels in Port Stephens, to ensure a memorable and comfortable cruising experience.


Australia – Eco-Businesses

Earth Bottles

Like to have a drink with you everywhere you go? Earth Bottles are eco-friendly, reusable steel bottles that are double insulated. And, they’re beautiful! They come in some lovely colours, so you can pick and choose your favourite design. They keep liquids warm for up to 12 hours and water cold for up to 24 hours. Great for popping in your bag wherever you’re headed.

Sol Cup

Ditch the plastic cup and buy a Sol Cup. They are hand blown glass cups that have been made using materials that keep the heat in, but the nasties out; hurrah! This reduces the production of plastic and helps the environment. They come in really cute colours; bonus. Pop the kettle on before you head out to work, fill with your favourite coffee/tea/hot chocolate, and set off. You’ll have a delicious beverage in-tow.


Help reduce single-use plastic from damaging our precious oceans, one beeswax wrap at a time! Australian brand Apiwraps handmakes all of their products in a local workshop in East Maitland. Each wrap is produced with GOTS certified organic cotton and local NSW beeswax. The perfect alternative to cling wrap and zip lock bags, you can wrap sandwiches, leftover fruit, vegetables and cheese. They come in a bunch of vibrant prints and will add some colour to your fridge, making meal times much more fun and enjoyable! Apiwraps are available in a bunch of different sizes and can also be purchased in pre-made packs to really kickstart your eco-kitchen journey.