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What do they eat – Great White Shark Diet

Great White Shark - Adventure Bay Charters

One of the most frequently asked questions during our tour is: what do they eat? Yes, everyone can imagine they eat fish, fur seals and sea lions…. but let’s discuss a bit more about the Great White Shark Diet. Fat is the key for great white sharks diet Like some of us, the great white […]

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Great White Sharks – Ambush Predators and Bottom Dwellers

Great White Sharks - Ambush Predators

Hunting Adaptations Great White Sharks (GWS), the largest known predatory fish, have grown and adapted to the marine environment to ensure that they stay at the top of the food chain. Using 3 different adaptations (ambush predation, camouflage and specialised senses) to find and catch their food, they have mastered the art of hunting in […]

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Best Places to Dive With Sharks in Australia

Summer Shark Sightings

The array of opportunities to dive with sharks in Australia is extraordinary. There are Whale Sharks in Ningaloo, Grey Nurse Sharks in Northern Beaches and of course the Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia where you can dive with Great Whites.  Port Lincoln has lots of other […]

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