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Airbnb KISS Shark Concert In Australia

KISS Airbnb Shark Concert - Adventure Bay Charters

Maybe the LAST KISS Concert In Australia! We were so excited to be part of The Airbnb KISS Shark Concert on 18th November in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Even though the other KISS Australian farewell concerts were canceled due to band member Paul Stanley’s illness,  the remaining members still performed their songs in Port Lincoln […]

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KISS Shark Concert Is STILL ON!

Great White Shark - Adventure Bay Charters

 KISS Shark Concert Has Not Been Cancelled! We Are Still On! Due to band member Paul Stanley’s illness, KISS concert promoters One World Entertainment and TEG Live announced the tour was cancelled. For more information, please check the news from Port Lincoln Times. We are sorry to hear this news that many fans lost the […]

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Top 10 Destinations In Australia For Wildlife Experience

Australia is famous for having so many unique wildlife, and most importantly you can see them everywhere, in their own habitats. Now as a local wildlife experience tourism operator, let us tell you our the Top 10 wildlife experience destinations in Australia. Port Lincoln – Destination State: South Australia Major Wildlife: Great White Shark, Australian […]

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