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Staff Dogs

Staff Dog

In addition to the sea puppies we met on each of our tours, most of our staff have their own puppies who cannot be forgotten about! These lucky dogs get to eat all our scraps at the end of the day, so we’re pretty sure they love where we work just as much as we […]

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Best of Sharks and Sea Lions

Best of 2018 - Hot shots

Well, that year was really something, wasn’t it! 2018 is done and dusted and what a ride it’s been. We have so many memories to look back on. This piece is going to be a little reflection of some of the best photos to come off our shark and sea lion tours in 2018 and […]

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History of Tunarama: Home of the Tuna Toss

History of Tunarama: Home of the Tuna Toss. Ever found yourself wondering how far you might be able to throw a 10kg rubber fish? Or wondering if you’d be able to slide 10 meters along a slippery pole without falling off? Or maybe you just want to taste some of the freshest seafood that Australia has […]

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