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Facing a fading world – Humans, climate change and the marine world.

Climate Change

Image sourced from Google – UNSW Newsroom What is your favourite colour? Blue? Green? Red? Pink? What will it be when those colours are not visible anymore? As the blues turn murky, the greens are demolished and the vibrance of our world turns to mellowed greys, is that when you will notice? Why is it, […]

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The Conservation Coast: Marine Park Area’s


Marine Park Areas (MPAs) are vital to the living world. To you, me, every human on Mother Earth and every organism beneath her waters. Our marine world is a natural life support system for planet earth. By definition, “MPA’s are underwater parks that are managed and protected with the sole purpose of protecting ecosystems, habitats […]

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Go shark watching… and save the world!

How the shark watching industry can save sharks…and our planet! Written by: Sarah Hayes. Shark watching (which includes shark cage diving, or free diving and swimming with sharks) has grown in popularity since the early 1990s. With a large shift in attitude amongst divers, fear has turned into respect and interest for shark species. Attitude […]

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