White Shark Tour

Adventure Bay Charters White Shark Tour

The white shark is an endangered wildlife species, which lists on IUCN Red List as a “Vulnerable” species. We are so lucky that we have white sharks live around this area, so visitors have the opportunity to see them face to face. Actually, Port Lincoln is the only place visitors can join cage diving tours to see them safely in the whole of Australia! Meanwhile, due to the favourable environment and other factors, Port Lincoln has also been recognised as one of the BEST shark tour destinations.

With Adventure Bay Charters, visitors can choose both Cage diving or our unique Aqub-sub to view the white sharks. For more tour information, please click here or contact us.


Swim With the Sea Lions

Adventure Bay Charters Swim With Sea Lion Port Lincoln

Similar to white sharks, sea lions are also endangered wildlife, but they are even more precious than sharks. According to the ICUN Red List, there are only 6,500 mature individuals in the whole world, which is even less than the Great Panda! All their major breeding sites are in South Australia and the islands around Port Lincoln are one of them.

Australian sea lions are always curious! The gentlest of underwater mammals, Sea Lions love to play, and that is exactly what they do! After watching their leaps and twists out of the water, and show-off back-flips, you will notice the pure joy they get out of your attention.

Adventure Bay Charters guarantees our visitors always have interaction with them. For more tour information, please click here or contact us.


Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay Nation Park

Adventure Bay Charters Port Lincoln National Park Things To Do

There are two national parks close to Port Lincoln, which is Port Lincoln National Park and Coffin Bay National Park. Both parks have amazing views and plenty of walking tracks, beaches and 4WD tracks. Memory Cove is one of the best camping sites in SA, which has the clearest water and fantastic ocean views! The camp grounds are also equipped with essential facilities such as parking and toilets. 

Wildlife are the highlight of both national parks. Visitors have great opportunities to see Kangaroos, Wallabies, Emus, White Belly Sea Eagles, Wedged-tail Eagles and other wildlife in the park. Many of the lookouts and beaches are recognised as perfect sunrise and sunset viewing points, such as Yangie Bay and Point Avoid in Coffin Bay National Park. 

There are a few tour options that can take visitors to enjoy the national parks around Port Lincoln, for more information please Contact Us. For more park information, please check with SA National Parks.


Seafood Feast


Adventure Bay Charters Port Lincoln National Things To Do Seafood

Port Lincoln has always been called the “Seafood Capital in Australia”, so everyone who comes to visit should never miss the chance to taste our produce! Bluefin Tuna, King Fish, King Prawns and many other kinds of seafood. Even the most finicky eaters will find something appetising here. There are many quality restaurants for tourists to choose from. High-end restaurants such as Line & Label, middle range dining like Del Giorno’s and small take away shops like King Neptune’s Seafood & Pasta.

An easy 40min scenic drive from Port Lincoln, is a world-class oyster tasting destination -Coffin Bay. It will present a seafood feast which visitors will never forget.  


Whalers Way Sanctuary


Adventure Bay Charters Port Lincoln Things To Do Whalers Way

It is a beautiful place that the local people like to show off to their friends and families. Curving and rocky coastline, unique shape rocks, and abundant wildlife, makes it become one of the best places to visit in the entire Eyre Peninsula. All independent tourists need to pay and collect the key from Port Lincoln Visitor Centre. We recommend visitors who have a high clearance 2WD or 4WD visit this place, as the track in have a rocky surface.

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