The array of opportunities to dive with sharks in Australia is extraordinary. There are Whale Sharks in Ningaloo, Grey Nurse Sharks in Northern Beaches and of course the Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia where you can dive with Great Whites. 

Port Lincoln has lots of other things to do. You can Swim with the Australian Sea Lions, visit the Port Lincoln National Parks, do a tour of the Port Lincoln Marina with Fred’s Marina Cruise, tour Port Lincoln and surrounding areas with Australian Coastal Safaris or Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay Day Tour with Xplore Eyre, for more tour package options, please click here.

Our White Shark tours in Port Lincoln

Summer Shark Sightings

Adventure Bay Charters is a family-owned and operated business that is at the forefront of marine, adventure tourism experiences in Australia. We have more than 10 years of experience operating the Great White Shark Cage Diving Tour and Swim With Sea Lions Tour. As a family of 20 experienced staff who are passionate about the marine environment, 5 of who are actually Marine Biologists, we do everything we can to care for the marine environment and marine life. Our eco-friendly practices reflect our respect, protection and promotion of our environment and our healthy practices.

Here at Adventure Bay Charters, we strive to care for our environment and deserve our advanced eco-friendly rating. We are the only shark cage diving operator, in the world, to use music to attract Great White Sharks, instead of bait and blood. By not using blood and bait, we do not alter the natural feeding behaviours of the White Sharks.

Adventure Bay Charters Eco Office

Adventure Bay Charters Eco Office

Our office is completely out of recycled shipping containers, our gardens are drought resistant and our boats are carbon neutral as we offset our fuel, power and waste levels by planting trees. We also have a diligent recycling system, which includes bottles, cans, cardboard and paper, soft plastics, bread tags and bottle caps. 

Adventure Lady

We recently won the Golden Award for Adventure Tourism and the Silver Award for Eco-Tourism in 2019 South Australia Tourism Award. 

Adventure Bay Charters South Australia Tourism Award Winner

How to get to Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln - Google Maps

Port Lincoln – Google Maps

Getting to Port Lincoln from Adelaide

There are three main ways to travel from Adelaide to Port Lincoln. The first, and quickest, is flying. There are two airlines who travel from Port Lincoln to Adelaide return: Rex and Qantas. The travel time is approximately 50 minutes. At the moment Rex airline offers special price tickets which are $109 one way. The second option is driving, which takes approximately 7.5 hours, for more information, please check our blog drive from Adelaide to Port Lincoln. The third is the bus, such as Premier Stateliner, which takes approximately 10 hours.

Getting to Port Lincoln from Sydney

The drive from Sydney to Port Lincoln is about 20 hours. Although it’s not practical if you are on a tight schedule, those who have the leisure of time could enjoy this scenic route. If you are pressed for time, try flying. There are four airlines who travel from Adelaide to Sydney return: Qantas, TigerAir, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. The travel time is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. But, you will have to stop over in Adelaide before flying to Port Lincoln. 

Getting to Port Lincoln from Melbourne

There are four airlines which travel from Adelaide to Sydney direct: Qantas, TigerAir, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. The travel time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes with a stop over in Lincoln and another 50 minute flight. Driving direct from Melbourne, at its quickest is about 15 hours. However, you could drive along the scenic Great Ocean Road if you have some spare time.

Getting to Port Lincoln from Perth

The quickest way to get from Perth to Port Lincoln is flying, which takes approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. There are three airlines who travel from Adelaide to Sydney return: Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. But, like flying from anywhere to Port Lincoln, you will have to stop over in Adelaide. The drive from Perth to Port Lincoln is 24 hours non-stop, but you will cross the Nullarbor which is an experience in itself. 

Australian Sea Lion - Adventure Bay Charters

Australian Sea Lion – Adventure Bay Charters


What are the peak seasons to dive with the Great White Sharks? 

We are always hesitant to say the ‘best’ time of year to see sharks, as they are nomadic and somewhat unpredictable. Historically however, the best time of year for viewing white sharks is from April through to June. At this time the seal pups that were born in the summer months start leaving the safety of the shore and therefore make an easy food supply for the sharks. 

November through to the end of January has always been another great time to dive with the sharks as this is their annual breeding season. The weather is also warmer at this time of year making trips popular in these months.

Contact our friendly sales team if you want to know about the recent shark sightings. We are always happy to give you up to date information.

Do I need scuba certification to dive with Great White Sharks? 

No you don’t! All dives on the White Shark Tour are surface dives using “hookah” (surface air supply) which means that limitations that normally occur with scuba diving don’t apply. During your dive you will only be 2-4 feet below the surface, and you are free to surface at any time. 

Will you have a wetsuit that fits me? 

Yes! We have a wide range of wetsuits onboard, including mens (7mm) size Small to XXL, mens (3mm) size 3XL-5XL, womens (7mm) size XS-XL and womens (3mm): 2XL-3XL as well as children’s wetsuits size 6 to 16. Our expert crew will get you suited up in time to jump in the water with the White Sharks!

I am pregnant / have asthma / am epileptic. Can I dive?

First, we would recommend that you speak to your doctor for advice and clarification before commencement your tour. But, we have no problems with pregnant women, asthmatics or people with epilepsy coming on board, as long as you bring with any medication you may possibly need. We also recommend that you take into account the 2.5 hour boat trip, to get to and from the dive sites from the mainland (and therefore medical assistance). Also, pregnancy may make you more susceptible to the symptoms of seasickness – and you may not be able to take most seasick medicines. However, there are natural remedies such as ginger tablets.

Can I take photos? 

Of course! Members of our crew take photos over the course of the tour and we also have an underwater camera that is free to use. You are also welcome and encouraged to bring along your own camera, phone, GoPro or any other film equipment to capture as much footage as possible.

We also have the opportunity for you to hire an underwater action camera. The cost is $35 to hire one for the duration of your tour. These action cameras come with a 32GB SD card, which you get to keep at the end of your tour.

After each tour, the photos are emailed to you for free. The link to the photos does not expire and you are free to download and use the photos as you wish.

Remember to upload any cool photos or videos you get onto our Facebook page or tag us (Facebook @adventurebaycharters, Instagram @adventurebaycharters and Twitter @swimwithabc) so the other guests who were on the trip with you can share it!