Well, that year was really something, wasn’t it! 2018 is done and dusted and what a ride it’s been. We have so many memories to look back on. This piece is going to be a little reflection of some of the best photos to come off our shark and sea lion tours in 2018 and early 2019.


The saying goes that pictures say a thousand words and there are so many stories behind these ones. We share pictures like this to showcase the beautiful natural environments of this world in the hopes of saving them. See below for some amazing photos of our Port Lincoln Marine Park Areas and protected, endangered and threatened species. At the end of this piece, there is a link to a petition for you to sign and help us in fighting for the Great Australian Bight – a place where these species and many more are endemic. 

  1. Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Sea lion squad.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Beauty & beast – white shark captured by Kane Overall.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Candy skies guiding the trip home from sea lion swims.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Sea lion site showing off.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Sea lions are stare-offs.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Our vessel Shark Warrior looking fabulous.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Jem Cresswell getting smiled at by a white shark.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    The beauty beneath. Sea Lions and coloured weeds.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Jem Cresswell at it again. Meet Imax – male white shark.


    Best of 2018 - Hot shots

    Sea lions are so supportive!

Have you got any hot shots from your time with us you think are worthy of being on this list? Perhaps they can make it into next years wrap up. Send them through via email to info@adventurebaycharters.com.au or tag us on social media; Facebook and Instagram @adventurebaycharters or Twitter @swimwithabc. We’d love to see them if we haven’t already.  


We would also like to thank each and every one of you for making it such a great year and supporting us. The content from this year has already been amazing! Stay tuned across our social platforms to see it all and the new content we gather along the way. If you’d like to help our fight to protect these areas, please follow this link and sign the petition. You can learn more about white sharks and sea lions and how to protect them on board our tours