2019 South Australia Tourism Award!!!

We recently won the Golden Award for Adventure Tourism and the Silver Award for Eco-Tourism in 2019 South Australia Tourism Award. These awards were presented to us as we have demonstrated excellence in the tourism industry, business planning, customer service and environmental sustainability.  Thanks again to TICSA and all the judges who gave us this honour and we will do our best to show our guests the best parts of South Australia!

Adventure Bay Charters South Australia Tourism Award Winner


Adventure Tourism 

Enjoy a whole day in the open southern ocean, sighting endangered marine life in their own environment. Fight your own fear and jump into the shark cage for the ultimate adventure.


Our Adventure tour starts with Great White Sharks and Australian Sea Lions, but they are not the only wildlife that we see! The array of incredible birds, including the elusive White Bellied Sea Eagle and the Eastern Osprey can be sighted resting in the native vegetation along the cliffs of the Port Lincoln National Park. The bottlenose dolphins and short-beaked common dolphins riding the bow, gliding seamlessly through the waves. Also frolicking in the pristine waters of the coast, Southern Right Whales, Humpback whales, Sperm whales, Blue whales and Orcas can be seen.

Adventure Bay Charters Shark Warrior

Adventure Bay Charters Shark Warrior

Adventure Bay Charters is a family-owned and operated business that is at the forefront of marine, adventure tourism experiences in Australia. We offer visitors to the region the opportunity to interact with the Great White Shark and Australian Sea Lion. We strive to promote and protect these marine wonders through cultural understanding, conservation, sustainable practices and memorable adventures.

Aqua Sub Shark Diving Port Lincoln

Adventure Bay Charters Underwater Sub


Ocean Warrior Campaign Sea Lion

At Adventure Bay Charters we value the pristine marine environment that we work in and are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of it. Our Eco-Tourism Award is evidence of this. Our staff are committed to taking every precaution to ensure that we do our best for the environment. This includes lining our bins with old newspapers, recycling everything, even down to the bread tags, minimising the amount of plastics we use. Moreover, our boat is well maintained to ensure the best fuel consumption and minimal production of emissions. 

Shark Cage Diving





We value the natural environment and its original state. The locations of our Swim with Sea Lion tour are classed as a Natural Reserve and, therefore, we do not allow access to the beaches or islands. We access the area by boat and therefore do not cause any damage to the seafloor. We strongly believe that the marine area needs to be protected. Guests are instructed not to remove or touch any marine grasses, rocks etc. They are also instructed not to approach the Sea Lions, instead, wait for the Sea Lions to interact with the guests. Our code of conduct that has been specifically designed for your safety as well as for the protection of these magnificent creatures and their environment. 

Public Relationship Events



During the last 12 months, we are proud to have been involved in Ernie Dingo – Port Lincoln Episode, South Aussie and Cosi 72 Hours On Eyre Peninsula and the Airbnb KISS Concert. It is a honour to be a part of these events and bring more awareness to Port Lincoln and the White Shark industry. As a South Australia Tourism Award Winner, we will keep working on this field to attract more attention to this area.

KISS Airbnb Shark Concert - Adventure Bay Charters

KISS Airbnb Shark Concert – Adventure Bay Charters



Work With Other Local Tourism Operators

The local community has always been important to us. They have the best knowledge about this area and the perfect hosts for all our guests. For different requirements, we offer different packages from water-based activities to land-based activities, from 1-day adventure to 3 days comprehensive tours.

Our incredible water-based wildlife tour, the Ultimate Marine Adventure includes a White Shark Tour, where you can see the majestic White Sharks in their natural habitat, and Swim with Sea Lion Tour, where you can interact with the playful creatures and maybe even get a little kiss from one.

South Australian Tourism Commission

South Australian Tourism Commission

Our Ultimate Port Lincoln Adventure includes a White Shark Tour and a Swim with Sea Lion Tour. It also incorporates a full day luxury tour with Australian Coastal Safaris, sampling fresh seafood, interacting with koalas and other iconic wildlife as well as a hiking or 4WD tour. 

Robert Lang Photography

Robert Lang Photography

Our Ultimate Eyre Peninsula Adventure is an extensive tour of the lower Eyre Peninsula. This comprehensive tour includes a full day Port Lincoln tour with a half-day Swim with Sea Lions tour and a half-day Port Lincoln Highlights tour as well as a full day Coffin Bay Tour with Xplore Eyre.