Meet the Team Behind Adventure Bay Charters

We are the most awarded adventure tour, Shark Cage Dive operator in Australia!


Our Mission

Adventure Bay Charters is committed to becoming Australia’s leader in eco-friendly Great White Shark and Australia Sea Lion tour operators in the world. We are solely focussed on making our marine adventures worthy of ticking off your bucket list whilst encouraging a coexistence outlook and practice.

The Adventure Bay Charters (ABC) team

Our team of fun-loving, passionate staff will share their knowledge and passion of our marine wonders–great white sharks, sea lions and the incredible, unspoiled coastal environment of the Eyre Peninsula that we get to wake up to every morning.


AC/DC SharkMatt Waller

Position – Owner

How Long at ABC – Started the company in 2007.

What Do You Like About Working At ABC (Owning your own business) – The thrill of showing people the most amazing things, watching their expression as they come to life in the presence of a truly spectacular natural wonder and the hope that this small service changes their perspective and may be a little of their life’s future direction

Hobbies – Hockey, art, reading, fishing & spending time with friends & family.

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Andrew “Macca” McKinnon

Position – General Manager

How Long At ABC – Since March 2014.

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Working for a company that is always striving to be an industry leader. Learning new skills everyday from one of the best operators in South Australia. Being able to travel to promote our tours. Getting the chance to meet people within the Tourism industry. Working for a family run business makes you appreciate the hard work and sacrifices that are needed to make the business a success.

Hobbies – Golf, AFL, spending time with family and friends.

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Kuma Waller

Kuma Waller

Position – Pat Police

How Long At ABC – Since 2010

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Staff take me to the beach, I get to meet new people, sleeping in the office doorway and everyone wants to adopt me.

Hobbies – Stealing the office door stop, wandering to Cruisers Cafe and riding in the back of the ute.

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Alex Costello

Position – Skipper

How Long At ABC – With ABC since January 2015

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I love being able to go see sharks on a regular basis. I also love the reactions you get from different people after they have an amazing dive with a Great White Shark. Having a great bunch of people who all love there job, and are passionate about what they do definitely makes working  at ABC a great experience.

Hobbies – Fishing, Watching AFL, spending time with family & surfing



2016-07-12 16.48.00Kym “Shep” Shepperd

Position – Skipper

How Long At ABC – With ABC since 2012

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Constantly being on the ocean working with an awsome motivated crew & being surrounded by epic scenery & wildlife which changes daily. Taking people out to experience the open ocean & viewing Great Whites for their first time never grows old! Not many people can say they enjoy their job……….besides ABC workers

Hobbies – Surfing, Kitesurfing, Scuba Diving, SUP, Fishing, Snowboarding, 4×4 Driving, Motocross Bikes & Camping.



Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Position – Crew 2

How Long at ABC – Since June 2014

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – The reason why I love working here is because I love the ocean, interacting with marine animals and meeting new people from all over the world!

Hobbies – Besides work I love to go camping with mates, chilling at beaches, go scuba diving. I love to go fishing and jump in get some abs or crays!! I also have a passion for flying. I’ve been taking lessons so when I’m 16 I can get my pilots license

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Elise Lavers

Position – Coxwain

How Long At ABC – With ABC for 3 months and counting.

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I love working with a team of like-minded people and of course I love seeing sharks and seals in their natural environment. Being on the boat is the most incredible office! It’s also a privilege to be able to pass on a love for these animals and messages of conservation to our passengers. Another great thing about working for ABC is the trust and equality. It’s rad to come into the office and see the show being run by a 17 year old girl or having our 17 year old decky also working as an interpreter for our Chinese passengers. It’s an inspiring, young team!

Hobbies – hobbies include all things beach! I love camping, swimming, surfing, sea kayaking (I’ve paddled from Lincoln to the Yorke Peninsula before), cycling, and painting. I’m supposed to be a teacher and I also have passions for education, sustainability, feminism and the Planet.


Miki Raleigh

Position – Junior Crew

How Long At ABC – With ABC since December 2016

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I love working at Adventure Bay because I love the Ocean and feel lucky to be able to work on it. Everyday is different which makes work even more exciting than it already is. There is no such thing as a boring shift which is very important. Plus I get to meet awesome people from all over the world and work with great staff.

Hobbies – Netball, surfing, playing the trumpet, travelling, watching Formula One and spending time with family and friends.


Sarah Hayes

Position – Deckhand, Biologist and Volunteer Coordinator

How Long At ABC –  Since Oct 2016 

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I love being able to work in a place that provides a platform for me to educate and inspire people about the environment and everything living within it! I love that ABC is environmentally conscious, and endeavours to give customers more than just the dive or swim…we hope that customers can walk away with not only a great experience, but also inspiration and motivation to become more eco-conscious in their own lives and to care for our planet.

Hobbies – Rock climbing, surfing, hiking, photography, travelling.


Jayde Killmier

Position – Coxwain

How Long At ABC – This is my second season with Adventure Bay Charters Yew!

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Guests on our charters often ask us if we are family, we have a very passionate and enthusiastic team that provides a very personal experience for our guests. It is a privilege to work for and with a crew that loves their work and be led by committed and supportive leaders. As a crew member, it is being out on the water every day and immersing ourselves in ocean wildlife. It’s just what we love to do. It is really important for me to share how important and unique these Great Whites and Australian Sea Lions are.

Hobbies – Coastal missions wherever my troopy ‘Ray’… my little ‘Ray’ of sunshine takes me. In my element in and by the coast.