Meet the Team Behind Adventure Bay Charters

We are the most awarded adventure tour, White Shark Tour operator in Australia!

Mission: Inspire eco-adventures about White sharks and Sea Lions.
Vision: Focus on the protection and promotion of ecological systems through best human resources management, service excellence, ethical, honest, respectful behaviour. To take the organisation form an enviable current position to future more favourable position of ethically economic and ecological sustainability.
Values: Innovation, integrity, honesty, openness, fairness, friendly, informative, safe, compassionate, excellence, ethics, generosity.

The Adventure Bay Charters (ABC) team

Our team of fun-loving, passionate staff will share their knowledge and passion of our marine wonders–great white sharks, sea lions and the incredible, unspoiled coastal environment of the Eyre Peninsula that we get to wake up to every morning.


AC/DC SharkMatt Waller

Position – Owner/Skipper

How Long at ABC – Started the company in 2007.

What Do You Like About Working At ABC (Owning your own business) – The thrill of showing people the most amazing things, watching their expression as they come to life in the presence of a truly spectacular natural wonder and the hope that this small service changes their perspective and maybe a little of their life’s future direction

Hobbies – Hockey, art, reading, fishing & spending time with friends & family.


Ben Yuan

Position – Marketing Coordinator

How Long At ABC – Started April 2019

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – In this place, I can always do something I really love. One day I am working so hard in front of the computer screen but the next day I will jump aboard to see the Great White Sharks and Sea Lions. Sharing all these amazing creatures to others are the best motivation for me, seeing them in their own habitat and free to play is such a precious experience.

Hobbies – Photography, Hiking, 4WD, Traveling, Camping.


Dylan Swincer

Position – Sales and Administration

How Long At ABC – December 2019

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I thrive on working in a family business, as everyone is treated like they are family. Working with a range of people from different backgrounds is always super fun as you get to know their stories and where they come from. Having completed a Bachelor of International Tourism, I have always had a strong passion for tourism as well as sustainable tourism. As I have grown up around the ocean, it made sense for me to work at a place like ABC – and how bloody cool to work in with sharks and sea lions!! I am excited to see where this journey takes me.

Hobbies – Exploring, socialising, going to the beach, walk my dog.


Daniel Enderes

Position – Skipper, Master and Marine biologist
How long at ABC? – Since May 2018

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Like the rest of the ABC family, I have always been fascinated by the natural world and passionate about sharing intimate wildlife encounters with others. Knowing that firsthand experience and connection creates stewardship, I believe our charters are a very important pathway for conservation. I thoroughly enjoy connecting with people from all over the world, contributing to the platform that ABC provides to educate and inspire customers. I love my job because it allows me to do what I am most passionate about: spending time in, on and around South Australia’s pristine marine environment.

Hobbies – Exploring wild and remote places, surfing, fishing, camping, taking Kuma to the beach.


Dave Oldman

Position – Skipper

How Long At ABC – May 2017

What Do You Like About Working At ABC -Where do I start ? … the list is too long !!

But high on the list is I just love the water, being a part of nature and having that escape from the perpetual business of life … and well of course we all crave the continued curious affection from the sea lions and the majestic gracefulness of that smiling assassin, the Great White Shark!

I love meeting new people on each new trip, chatting with them, hearing their stories and the journeys they’re on.

I love seeing their smiles & expressions after having just swum with the sea lions or seen the great white shark up close & personal, and describing it as an experience so different & exhilarating from what they had imagined, and discovering that they have learnt so much more than they realised about swimming with these endangered species.

And the really best like is… each tomorrow I get to do all that again and again!!

See ya on the water!!

Hobbies – Fishing, 4WDing, camping, waterskiing, travel, socialising with friends.


Kuma Waller

Kuma Waller

Position – Pat Police

How Long At ABC – Since 2010

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Staff take me to the beach, I get to meet new people, sleeping in the office doorway and everyone wants to adopt me.

Hobbies – Stealing the office doorstop, wandering to Cruisers Cafe and riding in the back of the ute.


Nala Waller

Position – Looking cute

How Long At ABC – Since 2020

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I go where ever Kuma goes. Most of the day I sleep in the office and like playing with my shark toy.

Hobbies – Sleeping, riding in the car, playing with my toys.





Grace Franco

Position – Sales and Office

How Long At ABC – Two years, on and off, but I started in the office late November 2019.

What Do You Like About Working At ABC -I think working at ABC is literally a dream come true. Not only are the staff lovely and the job perfect, but every day brings me something new.

I love meeting and interacting with all the customers. Learning about the local wildlife and environment, while educating others is obviously an added bonus. Working departure lounge is also amazing because everyone is always so excited so early in the morning. And even though I’m not working on the water, I love being able to look out of the office and see the water and boats.

Hobbies – Travelling, learning new languages (je parle déjà français) , photography, wandering through the National Park, playing music and, of course, Swimming with Sea Lions and Diving with White Sharks!


Sarah Hayes

Position -First Mate/Coxswain and Biologist…and company yoga teacher. I consider myself the Jane-of-all-Trades…since beginning working here at Adventure Bay Charters I have worked in every nook and cranny of this business – on the boat, in the water, behind the desk, on the phones, coordinating volunteers and beach clean ups, and weaving my way around the aisles of supermarkets doing the weekly boat food shop.

How Long At ABC –  Since Oct 2016 

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I love being able to work in a place that provides a platform for me to educate and inspire people about the environment and everything living within it! I love that ABC is environmentally conscious, and endeavors to give customers more than just the dive or swim…we hope that customers can walk away with not only a great experience, but also inspiration and motivation to become more eco-conscious in their own lives and to care for our planet.

Hobbies – Rock climbing, surfing, hiking, photography, traveling.


Amy Cabot

Position – Coxswain

How Long At ABC – worked since November 2019

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – The best thing about working for Adventure Bay is being able to work on the ocean and experiencing the beauty of such amazing animals!

Hobbies – Art, surfing and being at the beach in general.




Jack Wilson

Position – Coxswain and Marine Biologist

How Long At ABC – Since November 2018

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Working at Adventure Bay gives myself and our team the opportunity to inspire and educate people on the importance of the ocean, share our passion for the environment and knowledge of specific impacts we have on the environment. It’s a dream work environment, on the water, passionate crew and management, enthusiastic passengers, but it’s always rewarding knowing our customers are walking ashore with a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation and protecting what we have here on the endemic coast of South Australia.

Hobbies – Photography, exploring


Rosie O’Donnell

Position – Coxswain

How Long At ABC – Since December 2017

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I love that my ‘office’ is on the water surrounded by wildlife and the most incredible group of like-minded people. Interacting in the water with the sea puppies, teaching people about sharks and the importance of conservation, and meeting so many amazing people is such a privilege and I’m lucky to be able to say I love my job! Customers reactions when they come face to face with the oceans apex predator, or when they are surrounded by a group of playful sea lions make the job so so worthwhile!

Hobbies – Anything social and anything outdoors. Travel, camping, swimming, surfing, festivals, spending time with friends and family, going to live music events and eating.


Sophie Dolling

Position – Deckhand and Marine Biologist

How Long At ABC – From December 2019

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – I love that I get to share my love of the ocean with all of our customers! Having the opportunity to work on the ocean everyday is amazing, and being able to educate our customers on the beauty that we have on our doorstep here in Port Lincoln is something that I wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. Working with a happy and supportive crew that share a passion for conservation and education makes everyday seem like a holiday. Seeing the look on a customers face when a sea lion is giving them a kiss or a white shark is swimming by the cage is so rewarding; its our little way of sharing just how special these animals are..

Hobbies – Scuba diving, swimming, travelling, playing netball and anything social with my friends and family (especially brunch).


Marissa Hutchings

Position: Deckhand, Bottom Cage Captain and Marine Biologist.

How long at ABC: Undertook a placement in November 2019 and returned to work in December 2020.

What do you like about working at ABC: I absolutely love that I can share as well as introduce my passions for the ocean, marine wildlife, conservation and diving with like minded crew and passengers!

Hobbies: Diving, snorkelling, scientific research, beach combing, underwater photography, cooking, gardening, taking my dog walking/swimming at the beach.


Chloe Hayes

Position – Deckhand and Marine Biologist

How Long At ABC – I started in December 2019, volunteered in September 2019

What Do You Like About Working At ABC – Working on the water has always been a dream of mine since a kid, and ABC made this possible! I love working with the beautiful team in helping educate people on the beauty of White Sharks and Australian Sea Lions, ticking off a spectacular experience off their bucket list, and providing a long-lasting memories they will never forget. I will always treasure the interaction I get from each customer, and providing them with eco-friendly conservation efforts to take home to educate others.

Hobbies – Scuba diving, playing guitar, attending festivals, walking my dog, camping and going to the beach.