As a company who’s business it is to take people out to witness Great White Sharks in their natural habitat we have a lot to lose when sharks don’t turn up. It’s not only the customers who are disappointed!

Our crew sought out a job with us not for the money but for the experience of working up close and personal with marine wildlife. That’s exactly why we got into the business in the first place. We want to share our backyard with everybody and anybody who comes with us on one of our tours whether they live here in Port Lincoln or if they’ve come across from the other side of the world.

When it comes down to it, Great White Sharks are wild animals with minds of their own and we cannot control whether they want to rock up (or out) on any given day.

Having said that our crew are fantastic at what they do and will do everything they can to make sure you have a memorable experience. Just read what one of our guests recently posted on Trip Advisor about a tour they came out on where no Sharks were to be seen.


“First off, I’ll prefix this by saying we unfortunately didn’t see any sharks. This didn’t deter from the experience. The guides were nice, honest and quite blunt regarding our chances later on in the day. They made the whole trip enjoyable, were social with everyone on board and clearly knew what they were talking about. There was plenty of food (Note: I ate a lot of it) and there were coffees available at all time. The feeling of having a coffee at 7 in the morning with the sun rising was amazing!

We spent a reasonable amount of time in the cage and didn’t have to pay a cent (for the experience of jumping into the cage) as a result of the lack of sharks! We saw dolphins, a ray, amongst a few other things. If you’ve never done it before, I recommend it, it was a really surreal experience. Breathing through a tank might seem daunting, but the guides were incredibly nice and patient about it all. Believe me when I say you get used to it and you don’t want to come back up.

Just for anyone wanting to go, have some seasick tablets. We had a few people who were quite sick on bored and although they were taken care of quite well, I can imagine it made an unpleasant ride for them! One more thing: Don’t book too far into the future. I know this may seem a bit difficult, but it increases the chances of seeing sharks substantially.

I plan on coming back sometime. The chances of me going with them again are very high. I’ll attempt to make the chances of seeing a shark incredibly high as well. For a first time, I strongly recommend this company.”

I’ll finish by saying if you don’t take or make the opportunity to come on one of our Swim with the Great White tours then you definitely won’t see any sharks!

If you want to make sure you’re getting in your best chance to see Sharks give us a call before you book and our office staff will tell you what the recent sightings have been like and advise of when the best time to come is. We aim to please!

  • Melanie Jackson

    My Husband and i went on a shark tour with you on 29th July this year. I had limited time off work and limited funds, so we drove 2 days from Sydney (and 2 days home!) just to spend the 1 day on the boat with you and the sharks.
    But the sharks didn’t come. Despite booking smack in the middle of “peak” season and also following your updates and blogs on facebook stating this year was proving to be great season, leading up to our weekend, the sharks disappereared and no one knows why.
    Further to the points made in your blog “A word of advice…” i would like to add the following,
    *I was devastated, as was everyone on the boat, that totaled 7 of us guests and the 2 crew. They did everything they could to reasure us (sorry i dont remember their names), keep us fed and occupied during the day, including moving us to a second location after lunch to better our chances.For that my husband and i were very grateful, even catering to his sea sickness while i was underwater! Your crew really do go above and beyond to make the day enjoable no matter what.
    * Even though we didn’t see sharks, above the water, we saw seals, some pair of rare eagles (sorry, forgot their names too!)and Albatross. Below we saw schools of Trevally (i think)& a large swarm of Jelly Fish passed through.These sightings are small consulations to seeing sharks, but i can probably say that i am one of few people who have cage dived with jellyfish!
    * The reason i chose to tour with your company above the other operators in PL was the “pay for what you see” motto. I had to be prepared from the beginning that in the absence of sharks, we wouldn’t lose too much money. True to your word and despite me spending almost 5 hours total in the cage, we didn’t have to pay a cent more, and i still took away the experience of cage diving!
    After i fought with my feelings of disappointment and anger for a few weeks,i came to these positive conclusions as above and came to realise what a hard industry you have chosen to operate in.
    For other people who tour with you and have or will experience a similar day as us, i have this advice…The sharks aren’t employed and they can come and go as they please. They aren’t paid to turn up everyday and have no obligation to do so. Yes, we lose out on seeing sharks, but your company lose out on being paid, which has to hurt too!
    I just wanted to thank your the skipper and his off sider on that day for doing everything possible to make the tour enjoyable.And to the owner of the company for the free merchandise we recieved. After the tour and even though we were disappointed, we still wanted momentos of our day, so we were let into the shop to choose our wares. On payment, we were informed that these were to be complimentry. That was a very generous gesture, so Thank you.
    We are considering another shark tour next year (i say considering only as i can’t bear to miss them twice!) and if we decide to do so, we will definatley be booking with you.
    Thanks Again. Mel

  • Absoloutely Amazing thanks to all the crew you were all awesome don’t are what my parent say I’m convincing them to come again plus thanks for letting me steer the boat terribly haha

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