Ultimate Ocean Safari

This is a unique opportunity for you to experience a two day, overnight trip between the Spencer Gulf and Neptune Islands in the south of Eyre Peninsula.

Your adventure will be run over a weekend, starting first thing Saturday morning and finishing up on Sunday night.

I would like to thank you for two amazing experiences that were the highlight of my holiday. I will remember them as long as i live. Thank you so much for your great service and everything you did for me, I'm glad I chose your company! Seriously, I can't thank you enough, 2 incredible experience that i will cherish!
Chris Younger,


Day 1: Sea Lions & Great White Shark

On your prearranged flight with either Rex or Qantas, fly into Port Lincoln on the early bird flight Saturday morning or stay the night before at the beautiful, award winning, Port Lincoln Hotel.

The adventure begins bright and early, departing at 8am with a light continental breakfast on board. Cruise around the shores of the Port Lincoln National Park and the cliffs of the Memory Cove wilderness sanctuary. This is untouched coast and is best seen by boat, often sighting dolphins, white bellied sea eagles, fur seals and stunning scenery.


We will choose a secluded bay for lunch (most likely a light tuna steak and salad) before experiencing one of the best in water encounters and most interactive wildlife experiences, swimming with the Australian Sea Lions!


Half an hour with these puppy dogs of the sea will get even the hardest seasoned traveller smiling and enjoying the calm beautiful waters of Seal Cove and the unique Australian Sea lions.

Next Stop: Neptune Islands and Great White Sharks!

After lunch, it’s time to get your wetsuit back on and get down in the cage to swim with the amazing great white sharks!


At the end of the day we will make our way to Thistle Island, a secluded private island home to typical Australian wildlife such as possums, bilbies, as well as the rare Black Footed Rock Wallaby! This dubbed, Thistle Island Safari Camp, is a naturalists dream perched high in the sand hills surrounded by trees and local flora. With incredible views as a back drop we sit down to a stunning seafood banquet prepared with some of the freshest local seafood.



This is an opportunity to reflect on the day’s events and hear about the history that has shaped this incredible landscape.

End the day in warm, comfortable beds and be lulled to sleep by the calming sounds of the ocean…

Day 2: Cage dive with the Great White Sharks, Swim with the Dolphins & View the Whales

After a good nights’ sleep on board the vessel, it’s time to get up early for a quick breakfast before we move to the next mooring for another chance to done the wetsuit and jump in the cage for another dive with the awesome great white shark in its natural environment.

By 9:30am we are pulling anchor and leaving the Neptune Islands for a visit to the whales if they are in season and within range. We hope to get you in as close as we can to take photos and see Pilote, Blue and Hump Back Whales, up-close and personal!

Our final leg of the trip will be to view a dolphin pod at beautiful Boucate Island. If they are in the mood, we’ll jump in for a swim with them.

In the event that sea lions are not available on the first day then we will also visit seals nearby at Blyth Island (this will be dependent on the swell at Hopkins Island). Blyth is very simular and is a beautiful dive sight in its own right.

What do you need to bring?

You Need to Bring: Small bag (on Boat), hat, sunscreen, water bottle, towel, bathers, toiletries, camera, Sunglasses. A warm jacket of jumper or wind breaker as it can get cool on the water even in summer and a sense of fun and adventure.

What is Supplied?

All meals where stated, comfortable modern vessels for transport to location of activities, fun and experienced tour guides, masks, wetsuits and fins where required.

How Much Does it Cost?

Price: $1495.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn about the Australian Sea Lions?

The tour is interactive and informative and trained guides will give you detailed information about the Australian Sea Lions as well as the other local flora and fauna. Staff are regularly trained to ensure that the information content on tour is true and correct.

What is Adventure Bay Charters commitment toward ecological sustainability?

We aim to undertake continual improvements toward ecological sustainability through the adoption of best practice techniques. We do this by taking feedback from customer’s staff as well as general observations and incorporating these into our policies and procedures. We have a strong relationship with Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and ensure that we abide by all current guidelines. We also ensure that at all times we adhere to National Parks and Wildlife Regulations, Marine Parks Regulations and license conditions under the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

Adventure Bay Charters has an environmental management system written specifically for each of its tours. All environmental aspects and impacts are taken into account and this management plan is revised on an annual basis.

Adventure Bay Charters is licensed and operates under the Great White Shark Cage Diving Code of Conduct to promote shark cage diving in South Australia in a professional and responsible manner.

What does it mean to be Advanced Eco-certified?

The ECO Certification logo is a globally recognised brand which assists travellers to choose and experience a genuine and authentic tour or attraction that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

The ECO Certification program assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

Advanced Ecotourism is the highest level of ECO Certification in Australia. It identifies Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism products, providing an opportunity to learn about the environment with an operator who is committed to achieving best practice when using resources wisely, contributing to the conservation of the environment and helping local communities.

Is there any damage to the marine environment?

The marine area needs to be protected. Guests are given instruction not to remove or touch any marine grasses, rocks etc. We access the area by boat and therefore do not cause any damage to the seafloor.

Our vessel undergoes an annual survey and we have a strict preventative maintenance schedule that ensures that there is no risk of oil leaks, spills etc. Guests are instructed to swim with the Sea Lions and only interact if the Sea Lions approach them.

How close can I get to the Australian sea lion on tour?

Adventure Bay Charters values the natural environment, where we swim with the Sea Lions is classed as a Natural Reserve and therefore we do not allow guests to access the Australian Sea Lion’s breeding area or hall out beach.

However, you will find that as soon as we anchor at ‘Seal Cove’ the Sea Lions will bound out to greet you and spend the whole hour and a half swimming and entertaining you!

The Sea Lions are wild animals, we do not in any way condone touching these playful creatures but they often come within centimetres of you to say hello.

Does Adventure Bay Charters have a code of conduct for interaction with these marine mammals?

Adventure Bay Charters has a code of conduct that has been designed for your safety as well as for the safety and protection of these magnificent creatures and their environment. It is agreed by the major operators in South Australia that there are practices with in this code that are important to all activities relating to swimming with Sea Lions. There are also site specific codes relating to Hopkins Island, Blyth Island and Adventure Bay Charters.

Adventure Bay Charters does not visit a specific site more than 3 times a week to minimise the time that people interact with these wild animals. We do not want to alter their behaviour in anyway.


Are there photos from the tour available?

We have a camera on board that the crew use to take photos throughout the day. On the Swim with Sea Lions tour one of the crew will use the underwater camera to take photos of you and our playful, sealy friends. On the Swim with Great Whites tour you get to be the photographer! Just ask the crew for the underwater camera to take in the cage with you and take as many pictures as you like of the sharks, your buddies and of course a good ol selfie of you in the cage!

When we get back from the tour the camera is downloaded at ABC headquarters (which may take a day or two) we then upload these to Flickr (just click here or the pink Flickr icon on our web page to see photos from our recent tours!). From there you can copy them to your own computer for FREE! And don’t we all like free stuff? I do.

You are very welcome to bring your own underwater camera/GoPro if you have one. Remember to upload any cool photos or videos you get onto our Facebook page so the other guests who were on the trip with you can share it!

Finally, we have disposable underwater cameras available for purchase on board on the day.

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