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Tommy’s 30th Shark Week


Tommy and Meshel from Nova 100 Melbourne joined us recently onboard Shark Warrior. It was to celebrate Tommy’s 30th birthday “Shark week”. His first gift was to swim with sharks at the Melbourne Aquarium. After conquering this and thinking he was the “King Of The Sharks”, Meshel decided to up the ante and bring Tommy […]

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Orca’s vs Great White Shark – Mini Documentary


It was an incredible day and one that will be remembered by our crew and passengers for a very long time! Here is a mini-documentary with extended footage and eye-witness accounts by our crew about the recent Orca attack on a Great White Shark at Neptune Islands, South Australia. Thanks to Mark Thomas from Missing […]

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Orcas Attack Great White Shark

Killer Whales

It is a rare opportunity that one has to witness a battle of nature that is of such raw power, where the only certainty is that only one will survive and the clash will be violent and spectacular. Such was the confrontation that was witnessed 20 metres off the back of our vessel Shark Warrior […]

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